Game reports and TOW – Oct 14

Congratulations to all Dutch Lions players selected for our 6th team of the week! In week 6, Nicolas (U13 Boys), has been nominated as the player of the week as he contributed 2 goals, was aggressive on the ball, and was constantly involved in the attack at all times in their game vs. Wapakoneta.


Team of the Week 6



Dayton Dutch Lions U9 Girls vs. Oakwood United 06 Navy
Thursday, October 8th, 2015
Result: 1-0 (1-0)
Player of the game: Rachel

The Dutch Lions U9 Girls played last Thursday in their 5th game of the Fall Season 2015 against Oakwood United 06 Navy with 1-0 win as an end result. In a great team performance for the Dutch Lions girls and Rachel gave an early lead for The Dutch Lions with 2nd minute goal.

Offensively, the Lions started the game with great confidence and determination with a lot of shots on goal. They had moments of good soccer with good passes, looking for teammates in good positions before passing the ball, and had some good crosses into the box.

Defensively, they began the game putting a lot of pressure on the opposing team, supporting each other at the right moments to recover the ball and, good positions on the field.

Coach Paulo said after the game, “Today the girls had a good game. They are gaining more confidence with the ball, they are communicating more, and their knowledge about the space is getting better. Another thing that I liked today was the fact they tried to use moves/skills they learned during our practices and several times they tried to switch the field”.

Coach Paulo nominated Rachel as the player of the game for her effort offensively and defensively and for scoring the game-winning goal.


Dayton Dutch Lions U9 Girls vs. Southwest SC G06/07 Black
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
Result: 8-0 (2-0)
Player of the game: Dani

The Dutch Lions U9 Girls played this Saturday in their 6th game of the Fall Season 2015 against Southwest SC G06/07 Black with a 8-0 win as an end result for the Dutch Lions girls.

Offensively, the Lions girls did not start the game well, a little bit rushed at the time of passing the ball and shooting at the goal but throughout the game they were gaining confidence and were effective in their finishing.

Defensively, they were solid the entire game by pressuring the opponent with good defensive runs, which allowed a lot of ball recoveries at the midfield third and had good defensive support.

Coach Paulo said after the game, “The girls played well today, they were aggressive with good team work at times to recover the ball. They were very effective especially in the 2nd half, where we created many chances to score”.

Coach Paulo nominated Dani as the player of the game for the 3 goals, she scored, 2 assists, and her individual initiatives that created dangerous situations to the opposing goal.


Southwest SC G06/07 Black vs. Dayton Dutch Lions U9 Girls
Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Result: 8-0 (2-0)
Player of the game: Dani

The Dutch Lions U9 Girls played in their 7th game of the Fall Season 2015 against Southwest SC G06/07 Black with 3-0 win as an end result for the Dutch Lions girls.

Offensively, the girls are showing great improvement by trying to control the ball and passing in order to build the attack more efficiently. They created some good chances to score with dangerous shots on goal.

Defensively, the girls were organized with fast recovery runs after losing the ball and supporting each other to make the ball recovery easier.

Coach Paulo said after the game, “I can see a great improvement with these girls, game by game they are growing and playing as a team and being more confident with the ball, which is crucial at this ages”.

Coach Paulo nominated Dani as the player of the game for the goal she scored and chances created during the whole game.


Metro FC 04 Blue vs. Dayton Dutch Lions U11 Girls
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
Result: 0-1 (0-0)
Player of the game: Lauren

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls played this Saturday in their 6th game of the Fall Season 2015 against Metro FC 04 Blue with 0-1 lost as an end result for the Dutch Lions girls, in an exciting game with a lot of opportunities back and forth.

Offensively, the Lions girls had a good performance. They played well as a team, with good combination play, and changed the point of the attack adding some speed at the game.

Defensively, they were organized with good space occupation, aggressive on ball making pressure, and closing the space around the goal.

Coach Paulo said after the game, “Overall, the girls played a great game. The way these girls have been playing has been tremendous, but unfortunately, we have been unlucky. For the attitude, ambition, and determination during the game, I have no doubt that we deserved a different end result today”.

Coach Paulo nominated Lauren as the player of the game. “There were a few girls that had a good performance, but Lauren stood out in the 1st half as a Goalkeeper, several times making great saves, being determinant at preventing the opposing team to take the lead at the half-time.”


Dayton Dutch Lions U11 Girls vs. Greene County Cosmos 04
Monday, October 13th, 2015
Result: 1-1 (1-1)
Player of the game: Aliana

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls played this Saturday in their 7th game of the Fall Season 2015 against Greene County Cosmos 04 with 1-2 loss as an end result for the Dutch Lions girls, with the opponents winning goal being scored 15 seconds to the final whistle.

Offensively, the girls tried to reach the wingers on multiple occasions and sped up the game with most of the chances created by the flanks with good passes and crosses.

Defensively, the girls stayed compact and kept their defensive organization throughout the game with good communication, faster recovery runs, ball recoveries after losing possession, and aggression on the individual duels.

Coach Paulo said after the game “It was a good game, not our best game so far regarding the ball possession but we had moments with good offensive transitions and individual initiatives. It was not a game were we can say the teams had had clear opportunities to score, and we were unlucky to concede a goal at the final whistle. However the girls worked very hard and have to be congratulated for their hard-work”.

Coach Paulo nominated Aliana as the player of the game due to her physical play, power, and strength during the game.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11B vs. Greene County Cosmos
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
Result: W 5-1
Player of the game: Anthony

The Dutch Lions U11 boys faced off against Greene County Cosmos at Rotary Park. A surging 2nd half from the Lions propelled them to victory and with the win, secured top position in the U11 boys division.

Offensively, the Lions did an excellent job getting the ball wide into the flanks and exposing the Cosmos outside defenders. The Lions best attacks came from quick counter attacks from the wings and they were able to finish multiple scoring opportunities in the 2nd half.

Defensively, the Lions defense was strong in their 1v1 challenges and covered each other well throughout the game. The backline for the Lions has been a solid unit this season and continue to limit scoring chances for their opponents.

Coach Shane had this to say about the game, “We played very well as a team today and overall, I believe it was our best game of the season. The boys were creative in their attack and confidently finished our chances in front goal.

Coach Shane nominated Anthony as the player of the game for his offensive production and was a constant threat in the attack.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11B vs. TMT Adventus FC
Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Result: W 4-0
Player of the game: Tysen

TMT Adventus FC visited the DDL Complex in an away match up vs. the Dutch Lions U11 Boys. A balanced game from both teams as the Lions sealed the win with goals coming late in the game. The Lions remained in 1st position in the U11 division and the final game of the season will feature #1 (DDL U11 Boys) vs. #2 (CJ United FC) next week at the DDL Complex.

Offensively, the Lions kept good possession of the ball and attacked efficiently in the wide areas. The Lions front players provided constant pressure on the TMT defenders by constantly getting good numbers forward in the attack.

Defensively, the Lions made it difficult for the TMT offense by keeping a solid defensive shape and communicated well to keep the organization. Another solid game at the GK position preserved another shutout victory to the Lions.

Coach Shane was quoted, “It is always tough playing 2 games in 2 days but the boys fought hard for the victory. It was not an easy game for us at all, TMT was very organized as a team and it was hard for us to break down their defense. Our 2nd goal was very important as it gave us the confidence we need to close out the victory. I am very proud of our boys effort this game!”

Coach Shane nominated Tysen as the player of the game for his work ethic on offense and defense today. He created multiple scoring opportunities for his team and continues to improve each game.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls vs Butler United
Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Result: 2-1 Win (1-0)
Player of the game: Hannah

With the end of the fall season approaching quickly, the U12 Girls played their sixth league game against the Butler United. An intense and exciting match throughout the game with two teams searching for the 3 points. At the end, all the efforts and hard work were awarded with an important victory.

Defensively, and despite a couple of moments where the opponent had some breakaways, the girls had a solid performance. The young ladies stayed organized and compact for the most of the game reducing their chances significantly to build up or keep the ball possession on our own side of the pitch. It was also really important to see them cooperating with each other inside the field, including the offensive line, with several defensive covers and moments of good pressure.

However, we need to be more effective on our marking, especially during set pieces situations with better defensive positioning.

Offensively, the girls presented us with some moments of good soccer, their passing game is becoming more effective and it was good see how they found the options to build up from the back, especially from the goal kicks. Besides that, it was great see how they moved the ball on the field, looking for the wingers as the main option to create danger in the last third of the field either by crosses or beating the defenders in 1 v 1 situations. It was also very positive to see a couple of times the outside backs involved offensively overlapping and supporting the strikers.

However, the girls need to be more confident with the ball on their feet, keeping the ball possession, looking for different solutions, when there’s no options to move up on the field.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say about his team: “Today was a tough match as we expected but the girls had a incredible attitude to hold the victory. After all, I believe we were the best team inside the field, at least for the most of the game. It was really positive the way the young ladies played, very committed with the team ideas and their teammates, showing a perfect knowledge about what to do in every moment of the game.” Concluding ” I can’t be more proud of them, the way they work every day at practice, make me believe that we are going in the correct direction, knowing that is still a lot to learn and improve.”

This weekend we had a couple of players who could be nominated as player of the match, however, we decided distinguish Hannah for all her work rate, with numerous ball recoveries, besides that, she was also very important on our organization with her positioning, keeping the team balanced.


Springfield Thunders 03 Navy vs. Dayton Dutch Lions U12 Boys
Friday, October 9th, 2015
Result: 4-1 (1-0)
Player of the game: Gabe

The Dutch Lions U12 Boys played this Friday in their 4th game of the Fall Season 2015 against Springfield Thunders 03 Navy with 4-1 loss as an end result for the Dutch Lions boys, in a game where the Lions had a lot of goal score opportunities.

Offensively, the boys had a very positive performance during whole game with a good and effective ball possession and some good moments of soccer ending with a lot of shots on goal during the 1st half, and a tremendous chance at the 2nd half with the ball hitting the cross bar.

Defensively, the boys played well with good space occupation, marking and some anticipating plays and pressuring on the ball, reducing the time and space for the opponent to make decisions on the ball. However, we committed 2 crucial mistakes that resulted in 2 opponent goals and changed the course of the game.

Coach Paulo said after the game “Despite the 4 goals we conceded, it was a great game and the end result does not reflect the game and the good team performance this game. The boys are assimilating the ideas and putting them on the field, each game and today was proof of that”.

Coach Paulo nominated Gabe as the player of the game for his aggression and determination on the defensive process, speed, and good decision making offensively.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13B vs Wapakoneta Select 02
Saturday, October 3, 3.00pm 2015
Result: 4-0 (0-0) W
Player of the Game: Nick / Triston

In their sixth game of the 2015 Fall season the Dayton Dutch Lions FC U13 Boys got a deserved 4-0 win in a game where the young lions were the best team from beginning to end.

The defense wasn’t put under much pressure today and the opponents ended up having only one chance with a shot on the crossbar. It was a great game for the defenders to gain some confidence with the ball on their feet, finding good passes, and getting the full backs to push up the field and getting more involved in the attack.

Just like the previous week, many chances where created but it was 0-0 at half time with some great saves from the opponent’s goalkeeper. There was no doubt on anybody’s mind, that it was just a matter of time for the young lions to get their first goal. And they did, through a close shot from Nick after a great low cross from Triston. A goal from Simon after some good skill, a second one from Nick, and a good high shot from Tommy set the score at 4-0 for the lions today.

Coach Sid after the games had the following to say “After last weekend’s game against the same opponent we where the favorites today and the boys showed it, with good passes, confident play and creating, again, many chances. I am especially happy with our defenders and goalkeepers today, they kept the clean sheet, got involved in offense and I even heard some coaching between one and other. It is great to see the progression these players are making and I am looking forward to see how we do in the tournament this weekend.”

The entire team played well today but Nick was nominated as player of the game as he scored two goals, was aggressive on the ball and was active and involved at all times. Triston also deserves a mention here as he had some great passes and strong positional sense in the midfield.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14G vs. Valley View Blackhawks
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
Result: L 6-1
Player of the game: Julianna “JJ”

The Dutch Lions U14 Girls made the trip across to Germantown to take on the Valley View at Weber Soccer Complex. A tale of two halves as the Blackhawks powered their way to victory with a strong second half and remains in top position in the U14 Girls division.

Offensively, the Lions created their best opportunities on the wings with were able to get behind the Blackhawks defense with penetrating through balls. The Lions goal came from a beautiful free kick from 20 yards out that bounced over the keeper into the top corner.

Defensively, the Lions were strong in their challenges in the defensive half. The Lions had good positioning and remained compact on the field but it was difficult at times marking up against the strong and fast Blackhawks attack.

Coach Shane had this to say, “Another challenging game against one of the top opponents in our division. It definitely was not our best team performance and we need to continue working hard for each other for the entire game. Big weekend ahead of us with the Haunted Classic and a great opportunity to showcase the quality and potential we have on the team.”

Coach Shane nominated Julianna “JJ” as the player of the game as she proved to be an excellent offensive weapon for the Lions creating multiple opportunities up the wings.


Dayton Dutch Lions U14 Boys vs. Springfield Thunder
Sunday, October 11th, 2015
Result: L 1-2
Player of the game: Cameron

The first half the boys played great offensively. They had a lot of ball possession and some good chances and the opponent had limited chances. After a good combination play, it was Griffin who scored the 1-0 for the DDL U14B. Unfortunately, the team only scored one goal out of a lot of chances.

Defensively, the first half was great as well. Unfortunately the second half was not as good as the first half. During two moments the team lost focus and that resulted in two goals for Springfield. After that the team worked very hard but couldn’t make the second goal that they deserved.

Coach Michiel after the game:’ The boys worked very hard and I am happy with the improvement that I see week after week. Unfortunately we lost but the improvement of the team and the players individually means more to me.’

After the game Coach Michiel was very proud of their goalie:’ Cameron had a few great saves and he is getting better and better every week. He is my player of the week!’

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