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Congratulations to all Dutch Lions players selected for our 8th team of the week! In week 8, Emma P (U14 Girls), has been nominated as the player of the week for her offensive production this past weekend. She kept possession of the ball, had excellent positioning on the field, and assisted both goals on Sunday’s game.

Team of the Week 8


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Girls
Tournament record: 0-3-0
Player of the tournament: Ava

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls played this weekend at the Warrior Fall Classic. The Girls started the tournament with a 2-0 lost as an end result, where the lions played very well, especially in the first half (0-0 at the half-time), the girls were creative and had moments of good soccer against the strong Springfield Thunder defense. At the 2nd half, despite the good attitude, initiative, and determination the physical capacity of the opposing team ended up making the difference, ending the game with a defeat for the Dutch Lions Girls.

The 2nd game of the tournament, the girls faced-off against Middletown Impact GFC Navy. This game was a little bit outmatched, but the girls worked hard supporting each other with great effort. They played with great attitude and created good chances to score, with good passes and quick combinations, but the girls were not effective and ended the game with a 2nd defeat.

On the 2nd Tournament day, the Girls played their 3rd game against Kings Hammer Fury in an entertaining game with opportunities for both teams to score.

The Lions played well, showing confidence with ball, made good combinations, switching the field and using their speed in individual initiatives that unbalanced the opposing team. Another positive aspect was the confidence they showed to build the attack from their defensive half.

However, despite the good team performance, the goal conceded in the first-half was the determinant and the Lions ended the game defeated 1-0.

Coach Paulo said after the game “We already knew that we would be playing against teams that play in upper divisions and physically stronger than us, but was a good opportunity to compare and give another challenge to the girls. Actually they responded well to this challenge and play in 3 competitive games with good level of soccer”

Player of the Tournament was Ava. “There was a few players with good performances but Ava stood out and showed a lot of aggressiveness, good positioning, field vision and good passes being more consistent during the 3 games we played”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls vs Butler Fury
Saturday, October 24th, 2015
Result: 2-0 Win (1-0)
Player of the game: Emma

With the end of the fall season approaching quickly, the U12 girls played their last two MVYSA league games during the weekend. At the first of them, the young ladies faced the Butler Fury team, at Mason. It was a good and exciting match since the beginning between the two first places of the league table. After the final whistle, the team achieved an important victory, and would be rewarded with the championship title.

Defensively, the team had a solid performance. Very organized from the initial whistle, the girls controlled most of the offensive advances from the opponent, despite a period of time at the end of the first half where they kept us under pressure but even during that period of time, the team never lost their focus and determination. It was great to see how they worked together, helping each other with multiple defensive recoveries and covers.

Besides that, it was also important to see how the team was able to realize and distinguish the moments where it was important to play simple and solve the problem immediately, or where they had the time and the space necessary to control the ball and start playing from the back without putting ourselves in a risky situation.

Offensively, the girls had an energetic start, creating a couple of counter attack opportunities to score. However, it was important to see the girls opening the score after a great combination and a through ball to the winger. It was good seeing how the passing game is becoming more consistent and how the team used the space, looking for the outside space to create danger and unbalance the opponent defensive line.

However, sometimes the team needs to slow game tempo down, keeping the ball possession and waiting for the right moment to move up on the field.

After the game coach Bruno Lopes had the following to say about the game: “It was a tough match as we expected, however, I think we had a great attitude inside the field. There’s no doubt that we had a couple of tough moments due a good pressure of our opponent, but is also true that we never lost the emotional balance, what combined with a tremendous work ethic allowed us to achieve a convincing victory.” To conclude “It’s really pleasant for me as a coach see how the team has grown throughout the season, we came a long way together since day one, and this title is just a deserved award for this incredible group of girls who worked really hard during the last 11 weeks”

For this game, we decided to nominate Emma as player of the match. She was determinant on our offensive game, scoring a goal, including great teamwork, and creating several danger situations in the last third of the field. Besides her offensive performance she was always available to help the team defensively.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls vs Oakwood United
Sunday, October 25th, 2015
Result: 2-1 Win (1-1)
Player of the game: Audrey

After clinching the league title the day before, the U12 girls played their last league game against the Oakwood United team. It was a good match with some really good moments of soccer and a lot of fun. The girls presented, once again an awesome attitude, achieving their sixth victory in a row and finished the league with a 6-1-1 record.

Defensively, the team did well, very focused, and determined with a great field occupation. Besides all the hard work inside the field, it was also really nice to see the team reaction after lose the ball possession, with some moments of high pressure and quick defensive transitions, reducing the time and space for the opponent and preventing them to build-up their game.

However we need to learn from our own mistakes and avoiding same mistake twice, a better and more effective communication will definitely help, especially when the player is under pressure.

Offensively, the team presented moments of good soccer, trying to build up from the back and using the entire width to create space. The girls are showing more confidence on the ball and their passing game is becoming more consistent. The young lions have created a good amount of chances to increase the score and achieve a different result, however a lack of accuracy and in the last moment and a couple of great saves from opponent’s goalkeeper delayed the second goal that happened close to the final whistle, after a good “give and go” combination.

After the game, we found a happy coach who has the following to say: “I couldn’t be more proud of this great group of girls, it is being an amazing season, each and every one of them brought something different to the group, and all these individual qualities together turned up in a great team.” Coach Bruno continues “I was far to imagine this outcome at the beginning of the season, however these young ladies proved that with work everything is possible, they were incredible throughout the season and I would like to thank each one of them for making me a better coach”

For this second game of the weekend we distinguished Audrey as player of the match. Besides a goal scored, she had a great defensive performance, very focused, and aggressive into her individual duels.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls
Tournament Record: 0W- 2L – 1T
Players of the Tournament: Nora/Emalyn

This past weekend, the Dutch Lions U14G competed in the Warrior Fall Classic and finished with a tournament record of 0-2-1. A positive showing for the young Lions as they played against competitive level teams and improved tremendously throughout the tournament.

The tournament kicked off with the Dutch Lions U14G vs. a fast and physical Gunners FC team. Offensively, it was difficult at time for the Lions keep possession off the ball due to the physical and high-pressure offense from the Gunners. The Lions were most effective when they utilized the flank areas in the attack. Defensively, the Lions defended well as a team and made it tough for the Gunners offense to break them down.

The 2nd match-up of the tournament featured the Dutch Lions U14G vs. Steel Town Magic, the lone out of state team from Pittsburgh. Offensively, the Lions were much more confident and were much more productive in the attacking half. The Lions would break the score line after a through ball behind the Steel Town defense found JJ in the box and she finished the goal with a powerful shot in the top corner. Defensively, the Lions were strong in their 1v1 challenges and limited the scoring opportunities for the Steel Town offense.

The final match on Sunday featured the Dutch Lions U14G vs. the DC Houligans, in a rematch as both teams are in the same MVYSA League Division. Offensively, this was by far the best offensive showing from the Lions all season. Quick combination play and switching the field with perfection provided constant pressure on the DC Houligan defense. Defensively, the Lions center midfield had great work ethic centrally and maintained the balanced of the team out of ball possession.

Coach Shane had this to say about the tournament, “Another challenging tournament for my girls but we continue to improve each game. We really stepped up are quality of play to compete against these experienced teams and this tournament shows the potential of our team.

Coach Shane nominated Emalyn and Nora as the players of the tournament for an excellent effort in the central midfield and provided a good balance on offense/defense throughout the tournament.



Dutch Lions U14G vs. Springfield Thunder
Sunday, October 25th, 2015
Result: 2-2
Player of the game: Emma P

The Dutch Lions U14G played in the their final MVYSA league match-up against the Springfield Thunder. An entertaining game to the final whistle as the Springfield Thunder sealed a 2-2 draw with a goal late in the game.

Offensively, the Lions were effective in the attacking half as numerous goal scoring opportunities were created with penetrating through balls behind the Springfield defensive line. Emma P assisted two 2nd half goals as she sent creative through balls to an onrushing JJ and she confidently finished both chances. Defensively, the Lions stayed organized throughout out the game would end up giving up two goal off set-pieces.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I am proud of my girls effort in today’s game! It is difficult playing in 4 games in a weekend but we played well as a team to conclude the season. We will continue to improve as a team and the work starts now to prepare ourselves for the MVYSA spring season!

Coach Shane nominated Emma P as the player of the game for her offensive production this past weekend. She kept possession of the ball, had excellent positioning on the field, and assisted both goals in Sunday’s game.


Dayton Dutch Lions U14 Boys – Waynesville
Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
Result: W 3-1
Player of the game: Simon
The Lions won the game against Waynesville. In their last tournament both teams tied 2-2, but this game the Dutch Lions were stronger. After a few big chances and hitting both crossbar and the post, Robbie scored the 1-0! His shot was apparently too hard for the Waynesville’ goalie. In the second half the Lions played a very good game with some nice combinations. It was Simon who scored 2 more times for the boys.

Also the defenders and goalie played a good game. Cameron had some great saves and that was exactly what the Dutch Lions needed. The defenders stayed focus and only conceded one goal.

Coach Michiel was happy after the game, “ A good game with some great goals. I like the improvement that we have made week after week!’

Player of the game was Simon (U13) according to Coach Michiel, “He scored two goals and because of his speed we were so dangerous today.’
Dayton Dutch Lions U14 Boys @ Oakwood United Stringers

Sunday, October 25th, 2015
Result: W 2-0
Player of the game: Teddy

The Dutch Lions won their game at Oakwood. Oakwood, the number 2 in the league, was beaten by 2-0. The Lions played their best game of the season. Hard work, good combinations and great goals were the key to this victory! In the first half, Griffin scored with a nice shot in the corner after receiving a great pass from Noah. In the second half the Lions didn’t give up and stayed strong. They won their duels and had a few good chances to double the score. It was Josh who scored the 2-0 with a great shot in the left corner.

Defensively, the Lions played by far their best game. All the defenders played perfect in position and won all their duels. Every ball was for the Dutch Lions. The strikers from the other team had no chance at all and if they had a chance than goalkeeper Cameron was there with a few nice saves.

Coach Michiel after the game, “We played a very good game! I loved the hard work of our players. Absolutely by far the best game I have seen from the U14 boys. We are now the number 3 of the league, which is a great achievement so far!’

According to Coach Michiel, “Player of the week is Teddy! He played a very good game. Every ball was for him and the striker he was marking had no chance at all!’


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