Winter week 5 game reports

Game reports February 10:


Age/Gender: U13 Boys
Location: Sportsplex Soccer Center
Result: Draw 5-5
Players: Luke, Evan, Matthew, Tommy, Simon, Nick, Robbie, Owen, John
Player of the game: Matthew

Offensively, the Lions relied on the long ball too much, but did finish several breakaways.  The best finish of the day was a great support position from Tommy off the left flank, Simon dropped the ball back and Tommy fired a long drive into the upper corner and the keeper had no chance.

Defensively, the Lions were aggressive in their defensive challenges and did well providing cover on the field. The Lions worked hard for each other for the entire game.

Guest Coach Ric shared, “I really wanted the boys to focus on their communication and movement off the ball and they improved throughout the match. I played several players out of position and we yielded some late goals that were really my fault.  The boys gave a strong effort and it was a pleasure to coach them.

Coach Ric nominated Matthew as the player of the game and was quoted, “I believe Matthew had a excellent game, played hard the entire time he was on the pitch, talked well and his movement was in positive support.”



Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: L 0-10 / W 5-2
Players: Erin, Camille, Alessandra, Ema M, Ashley, Sumera, Emma P, Ainsley, Katie, Muriel, Alicia, JJ, Nicole,
Goal(s): Ema M, JJ, Emma P, Katie
Player of the Game: Ema M

Offensively, the DDL U14 girls were much stronger on the ball and did well to hold of defenders to keep possession of the ball. The Lions were creative and dynamic in the attacking half, which resulted in a quality amount of scoring opportunities. The Lions need to more productive in the attack and taking an extra touch in front of goal to settle the ball will result in a stronger and more accurate shot on target.

Defensively, the Lions were aggressive on the field and did an excellent job recovering the 2nd ball after 1v1 challenges with the opponent. The Lions were much more organized on the field after a quick adjustment in the formation that provided more defensive cover for their teammates. The Lions need to improve defending runs off the ball from their opponents and always need to defend in a compact shape when shifting sides on the field.

Coach Shane was quoted, “It is difficult playing back to back indoor games and it takes a tremendous amount of fitness to complete them and I thought the girls put in a great effort. The girls also showed a strong mentality after a tough first game and fought as a team to earn their victory in the next game.”

Coach Shane nominated Ema M as the player of the game as she displayed her leadership qualities by keeping her teammates organized on defense and also contributed to the offense with precise passing and also scored a wonderful goal to seal the victory for her team.


Age/Gender: U15 Girls
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 1-0 W
Players: Grace T., Grace Z, Olivia, Sarah, Morgan, Meera, Emily, Paige, Peyton, Ashley, Kayla, Anna, Veronica, Mollie, Eva, Grace P.
Goal(s): Eva
Player of the game: Emily

Defensively the young Dutch Lions girls had a very positive performance, very focused and aggressive without the ball reducing the time on the ball for the opponents by good pressure moments involving all the team as a unit. Besides that, the defensive transition moments was also very positive, the girls were able to reorganize quickly their defensive shape on the field, forcing some mistakes and keeping the team balanced.

On the ball the team had a dominant performance, playing most of the game on the offensive half of the pitch, with more ball possession and creating more scoring chances, however the girls weren’t able to capitalize all these aspects in something productive. The pace of the game was not the highest and the girls weren’t able to find their passing lanes to move the ball around more efficiently. Despite that, the team also did well the transition movements to create some dangerous counter attack situations.

After the game coach Lopes has the following to say: ” Today we had a decent game, not consistent like we already did before, but efficient taking advantage of our individual quality to create danger, however on defense we kept the same solid performance, very focused and aggressive, keeping the goal immaculate for the fourth consecutive game.” continuing” on the ball our game needs to become more efficient, we need to be able to control the ball for better possession, comfortably and without taking unnecessary risks” to conclude coach Bruno said “Today Emily was nominated as player of the match for her ability on the ball, she was instrumental to carry the ball from defense to offense and at the same time very helpful without the ball, with numerous ball recoveries on the midfield.”



Age/Gender: U15 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: L 1-3
Players: Kyler, Terry, Aaron, Richard, Todd, Mike, Caden, AJ, Hunter, Caleb, Jonathan C., Cameron, Kevin, Stephen
Goal(s): Hunter
Player of the game: Richard

Defensively the young Dutch Lions boys presented a pleasant performance, despite a few individual mistakes which have cost us 2 of the 3 goals conceded. The team was very organized, with close lines and shifting over according with the ball position, avoiding the through balls. It was also possible to see moments where the young boys kept the opponent under pressure, forcing multiple mistakes in the last third of the field.

Offensively the boys utilized effectively the wide areas to take the balls out of the pressure zones and explore the through balls, which resulted our only goal. Besides the goal the team was able to present a decent passing game, with quick combination moments, keeping the ball on the ground. The boys will continue to work on their offensive transitions, being able to be more effective and objective when the opponent is not organized.

After the final whistle, coach Bruno has the following to say “Today I think we had a good performance, despite the result, the boys did exactly what we asked them to do, closing the spaces between the defense lines, and exploring the through ball offensively. I’m really pleased with the attitude, we were able to keep the opponents under pressure several times, something that we need to implement more effectively to take advantage of the mistakes that the pressure moments will cause.” to conclude coach Lopes said” Today Richard was nominated player of the match, for all his work ethic and ability to read the game intercepting several balls and covering his teammates defensively”


Age/Gender: U18 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 3-3
Players: Trent, Daniel, Drew, Triston, Marien, Micah, Cody, Makay, Matthew, Alex, Britton, Bradley, Collin, Wyatt, Declan, Trevor, Tanner, Scott
Goal(s): Bradley, Trevor, Alex
Player of the game: Cody

On defense the boys presented a good collective organization, closing the inside spaces, and limiting the opponents space and time on the ball by moments of high pressure, the proof of this is that two of the three goals conceded resulted from set pieces. Despite a few moments of momentary distraction, the team was focused and with a quick reaction after losing the ball possession, which allow the boys to recover and reorganize avoiding the counter attacks.

Offensively the Dutch Lions boys had some moments of good combinations with high pace to break the opponents defensive block. Despite the short passing game, the team was also able to present a good possession game, always looking for the outside space as a main option to take the ball out of the pressure zones and unbalance the opposite defensive line. The offensive transition moment is something that can be accurate, is necessary explore that moment with more precision and effectiveness.

After the game coach Bruno has the following to say: ” I’m fairly pleased from what we did here today, of course after being up 3-0 we need to be able to keep the victory, but despite that I think the boys had a great performance, especially without the ball. On the ball I think we are also improving, we are creating the routines, and step by step our game is becoming more consistent.” to conclude coach Lopes said” Today we’ve nominated Cody as player of the match. He played an important role when the team had the ball connecting our game from the back, and keeping the balance on the defensive moment.”

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