Winter week 7 game reports

Game reports February 25th 2016:


Age/Gender: U11 Girls
Location: SportsPlex
Result: W 8-1
Players: Erin, Marayna, Aliana, Laura, Ava, Lauren, Nicole, Hope, Shiloh, Mia
Goal(s): Hope (2), Ava (3), Mia (2), Laura
Player of the game: Ava

On defense, the Dutch Lions displayed a good defensive organization, well coordinated pressuring in blocks, reducing the space between the offensive and defensive line. We were able to see some good tackles on 1v1 situations, preventing situations that could cause some danger for the Lions.

Offensively, it was a good collective performance with the girls trying to build up from the back, with constant movement providing support and creating spaces to receive the ball. The Lions also had some good offensive transitions and moments with good decision-making trying to move the ball around the field.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The girls played well today, they maintained their confidence with the ball and were very cooperative and organized without ball, working well as a team. Another positive aspect was the communication among the girls, something that has been increasing in recent games”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Ava as a player of the game and quoted “Ava played a great game. She was very strong defensively and was very active on the team offensive process, creating many chances to score, for herself or for the other players. She also scored 3 goals crowning her excellent game.”


Age/Gender: U11 Boys
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: W 6-0 | L 8-1
Players: Braxton, Connor, Christian, Holden, Daniel, Sam, Tyson, Aaron, RJ (U12), Julian (U12)
Goal(s): Sam, Aaron, Connor
Player of the Game: Holden

Offensively, the Lions continued to display their dynamic attack and were creative in the attacking process. The Lions did a much better job communicating on the field to keep possession of the ball. They are becoming more confident with the ball in their 1v1 executions and are strong to shield ball with a defender on their back. The Lions will continue to improve on their passing accuracy and weight of pass to increase offensive production.

Defensively, the Lions were aggressive in their tackles and shifted well on the field to keep the team compact. The Lions also tracked their runners in the defensive half and did a fantastic job recovering on the field to help teammates.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I think we were able to learn a lot about our team in both games we competed in this evening. The DDL U11 boys have improved tremendously this year and the qualities have been displayed this winter season but we have to continue to strive to get better every time we are on field in practice and games. I am looking forward to the spring and I know my boys are excited for the outdoor season to begin!”

Coach Shane nominated Holden as the player of the game for a strong defensive effort and displayed much more confidence on the ball in the attack.


Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: L 5-2
Players: Alexis, Audrey, Brooke, Ellerie, Hannah, Ilana, Maddie, Mallory, Milan
Goal(s): Maddie, Audrey
Player of the game: Maddie

Offensively, these young ladies continue to show improvement through each match. This week, they proved that they were capable of combining around a defensively sound opponent to create several scoring opportunities.

Defensively, the Lions started off aggressive and showed good moments of organization. However, their defensive shape and composure was broken as the match progressed. The opponent’s very quick and technical offense was able to expose the Lion’s defensive line in transition and in 1v1 situations.

After the match Coach Katie had the following to say “Though the result was not desirable, there are positive points that can be taken away from tonight’s game. I’m continually impressed with the girls’ ability to recognize and create combination play. Now we must work on capitalizing on these opportunities. I think we need to review some of the basics defensively and improve our decision making after the ball has been recovered in our defensive half.” Coach Katie concluded with “During the Winter we are preparing ourselves for the spring season. Tonight’s game was a good indicator of what aspects of our game need a little extra attention”.

Coach Katie has nominated Maddie as the player of the game for her high work rate and ability to adapt to several positions and their respective roles on the field. Maddie is very consistent in her play and is a force both offensively and defensively for the Dutch Lions.


Age/Gender: U12 Boys
Location: SportsPlex (indoor)
Result: 5-1 W
Players: Julian, Owen, RJ, Justin, Mick, Connor, Jake, JR, Mason, Aaron, Ryan, Gabe
Goal(s): Jake, Aaron, JR, Ryan
Player of the game: Jake

Defensively, the Dutch Lions had a good performance. The boys were well organized and solid on defense, defending as a block, displaying great attitude after losing the ball with constant pressure to the opponent ball carrier, and fast defensive transitions.

Offensively, the Lions performed well on the ball, showing confidence and good decisions most of the time. Constant movement off the ball allowed multiples options and passing lines creating more dynamic and increasing the speed of play.

Coach Paulo said after the game “Like I said last week, its important be focused and show a great attitude since the start of the game, and today the team was able to do that. We were able to combine aggression on defense, confidence on the ball and efficiency at finishing”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Jake as a player of the game and quoted “ It was a good collective performance but Jake stood out for his attacking and defending work rate on this game. His speed allowed us the do some good and fast transitions and play numbers up, creating some goal chances”.


Age/Gender: U13 Boys
Location: Sportsplex (Indoor)
Result: 7-3 L / 8-7 L
Players: Collin; Evan; Noah; Mathew; Simon; Enrico; Robbie; Tommy; Dimitar; Dominic M.; Nick; Dominic S.; Luke; Owen
Goal(s): Robbie (2); Dominic S. (3); Noah (3); Simon; Tommy
Player of the day: Noah

On both matches the young Lions showed some defensive difficulties, especially on the transition moment where they weren’t able to recover quick enough to re-organize their defensive lines. The boys showed some aggressiveness and were able to recognize the moments and spaces to press. However all their efforts, hard work, and positive attitude were not sufficient to keep the ball out of the defensive half of the field.

Offensively both teams started very well their games, with great composure moving the ball around on the ground with a good dynamic. It was also very positive see the boys confidence and creativity beating the opponent on the 1 v 1 duels. However the Lions will improve their possession game, even under pressure they need to be able to control better the moments and the pace of the game, keeping the ball comfortably.

Coach Bruno has the following to say after the game “I think we started both games very strong, with a good dynamic and the correct intention on the ball and solid on defense making the opponents closer, however we lost our discernment and after conceding a couple of goals is tough to come back, but it happened in both games, what reveals a their character talent and work ethic.” Continuing” today we didn’t win but I’m sure we learned from our mistakes and we will improve for the upcoming games” to conclude he said “Today I’ve nominated Noah as player of the match he was terrific on the ball, very confident beating individually his opponents most of the times, besides that he was instrumental keeping the team balanced on defense.”


Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: W 5-2
Players: Erin, Camille, Alessandra, Ema M, Ashley, Sumera, Emma P, Ainsley, Katie, Alicia, JJ, Nicole, Rachel
Goal(s): Sumera, Emma P, Rachel
Player of the Game: Rachel

Offensively, the Lions were productive in the attacking half and did an excellent job in the decision making process in their overload situations whether to pass or dribble in the space. The Lions were patient in the attacking third and created multiple scoring opportunities from quick combinations.

Defensively, the Lions kept their defensive organization throughout the game and communicated well to keep teammates in the correct position and also to provide cover. The Lions have also improved in their ball distribution after recovering the ball defensively and outside winger/defenders have done well to push forward to support the attack.

Coach Shane was quoted, “Another solid team performance from the U14 girls! It is important to keep improving each game/training session and I have been very happy with the work ethic and practice attendance this winter season! If we can keep this mentality, our team performances will continue to improve this spring season.

Coach Shane nominated Rachel as the player of the game for her creativity in the attacking half and put in a tremendous effort to help her teammates out defensively.


Age/Gender: U14 Boys
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: L 12-0
Players: Caden, Kyle, Hunter, TJ, Gradey, Alfonso, Luke, Silas, Ethan
Player of the Game: Kyle

Offensively, the Lions did a much better job getting numbers into the attack and supporting their teammates on the ball. The Lions had difficulties maintaining possession of the ball and have improved movement off the ball to provide options for teammates and communicated well in the attack.

Defensively, the Lions defensive positioning has improved but the quality of the opponent makes it tough to maintain the shape the entire game. The Lions are more aggressive and are coaching teammates on the field are qualities to build off for the spring season.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I can definitely see the improvements the U14 boys have made this winter and we have to realize the quality of the opponent we are competing against at indoor. We have to stay motivated and focused on the spring season, which will be a lot more competitive for us. We will continue to work hard and prepare for the upcoming season!

Coach Shane nominated Kyle as the player of the game for his leadership qualities on the field and led his teammates in a positive way.


Age/Gender: U15 Girls
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 1-0 W
Players: Grace T, Grace Z, Olivia, Sarah, Morgan, Meera, Emily, Paige, Peyton, Ashley, Kayla. Anna, Veronica, Mollie, Eva, Grace P.
Goal(s): Ashley
Player of the game: Paige

On defense the young lady Lions had a pleasant performance, very focused controlling the opponent attempts to penetrate our defense. The girls showed a tremendous sense of teamwork, with several covers and pressuring the ball carrier together as a unit, reducing the execution time and forcing a few mistakes. Besides that was also very positive see the back line connected preventing the through balls.

Offensively the team had by far their best performance of the indoor season. The young ladies were able to control the pace of the game, very thoughtful on the ball, looking for the short pass as the main option to build up and move the ball on the pitch, alternating the counter attacks with possession game. It was good to see the midfielders working together providing support and constant options to switch the field. The width was also a committed another part the team explored often to create danger and unbalance the opposite defensive line.

After the game coach Lopes has the following to say: “I think today we played really well, solid on defense with several moments of good pressure and with the right intention on the ball, combined with a great team dynamic to create spaces and goal opportunities.” continuing” However we need to continue working especially on our possession game to become more consistent and effective, because the spring season it’s just around the corner, and we want to be able to compete against every opponent.” To conclude coach Lopes said” today we nominate Paige as player of the match for her work ethic. She was very focused, recovering numerous balls in the middle, very aggressive on the individual duels and with great sense of responsibility always available to help and support our forwards with her mobility


Age/Gender: U15 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 5-0 W
Players: Kyler, Alex, Aaron, Richard, Todd, Mike, Caden, Hunter, Caleb, Jonathan C, Cameron, Kevin, Stephen, Jonathan H.
Goal(s): Hunter (2); Richard; Mike; Caleb
Player of the game: Hunter

On defense the Dutch Lions boys had a good performance. The teams were focused and compact, pressuring the ball carrier avoiding launching the long balls. The boys were aggressive into their individual duels, anticipating most of the moves from the opponents. The midfielders played an important role keeping the team balanced avoiding the counter attacks.

Offensively the young lads were able to create a good amount of scoring chances, with moments of good soccer. Very dynamic with constant movement using the outside space as main option to unbalance the opposite defense and create danger. It was also good see how the young Lions were able to find the through balls between the outside and the center backs exploring the counter attack effectively.

After the game coach Lopes has the following to say “I really enjoyed the game today, not only because of the result but mainly because the way we played. The boys were able to read the game and understand what was needed to do in all the game moments. Compact on defense preventing the long balls and offensively creative taking advantage of the space on the sides and behind the defensive line.” continuing” the team is growing gradually game by game and I believe as soon as the spring season start we will be more confident and our game will be more consistent.” to conclude coach Bruno said ” Today Hunter has been nominated as player of the match. Besides two goals and one assist he was crucial on our offensive game creating a lot of spaces and unbalances with his technique and intensity in the last third of the field”


Age/Gender: U18 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 1-0 W
Players: Trent,, Daniel, Drew, Triston, Marien, Micah, Cody, Makay, Matthew, Alex, Britton, Bradley, Collin, Wyatt, Declan, Trevor, Tanner, Scott, Tony
Goal(s): Alex
Player of the game: Alex

Defensively the team had a solid performance, very focused and committed, with all the players involved tightening the field reducing the time and space for the opponents to build up their game and create danger close to our goal. It was good to see the team pressuring the opponents forcing several mistakes and recovering the ball higher on the field. Besides that our midfielders never loss their sense of position, keeping the team balanced avoiding the counter attacks.

On the ball the boys had a great performance. They looked very comfortable with the ball, with constant movement creating a great collective dynamic and at the same time providing the ball carrier multiple passing options. The creativity of our midfield was crucial to unbalance the oppositions organization. It was also good see how the outside backs moving up several times providing width and stretching the field. However we can be more effective and objective on our offensive transition taking advantage of the momentary disorganization of the opponents.

After the game coach Bruno has the following to say: “Today was a fun match to watch, the lads were terrific moving the ball on the ground with a great dynamic. It was a confident and dominant performance perhaps for low numbers considering the number of chances we created. After these 6 games I believe we are better now, one because we know each one better and second because the game idea is increasingly present and better assimilated.” continuing” Saying that we can’t think this is our best, because it isn’t, we still have a lot to improve and the spring season is just around the corner” to conclude coach Bruno said” Today we nominated Alex as player of the match, he was able to put his amazing individual skills and ability in benefit of the team, he was a truly headache for the defenders. Besides that he was also important on the defensive moment keeping the center backs under pressure.”

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