Winter Week 8 game reports

Game reports March 3rd:

Age/Gender: U11 Boys
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: W 9-1
Players: Braxton, Connor, Christian, Holden, Daniel, Sam, Aaron, Sean, Julian (U12)
Player of the Game: Daniel

Offensively, the Lions did well pushing numbers into the attack and provided multiple options for ball carrier. The Lions were patient in the offensive third and utilized their supporting teammates, which resulted in much better scoring opportunities.

Defensively, the Lions continue to display a well-organized defense and limited attacking plays from their opponent.

Coach Shane was quoted, “Our attacking play is something I wanted the team to improve on and our offensive production we saw in tonight’s game is a step in the right direction. The speed of play and intensity for the kingdom games will definitely benefit us this spring season.”

Coach Shane nominated Daniel as the player of the game for an overall balanced game on offense and defense.


Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Result: L 6-3
Players: Alexis, Audrey, Camlyn, Ellerie, Emma, Hannah, Ilana, Maddie, Mallory, Morgan
Goal(s): Camlyn, Maddie
Player of the game: Camlyn

Offensively, the Lions played with quickness and simplicity. They found some success in building their attack by finding the feet of their teammates and moving off the ball for support. They finished on three opportunities that stemmed from combination play. Defensively, the Lions showed improvement from last week’s match from an organizational standpoint. The ladies fought a hard battle but the size and strength of the opposition was able to break the Dutch Lions down at moments.

After the match Coach Katie had the following to say “I am pleased with the ladies’ effort and aggressive style of play tonight. We were aware of the size and strength of our competition from a previous match and we didn’t let that intimidate us or throw us off our style of play. We were able to create and capitalize on several more opportunities than the last time we faced the Middletown Lady Cats and to me, that signifies improvement”. Coach Katie concluded with “No matter the result of the game, progress is my main concern. Tonight, I think we definitely demonstrated the progress we’ve made during the winter season.”

Coach Katie has nominated Camlyn as the player of the game. Camlyn lead the team in scoring tonight with two of the three goals. Throughout the match, she remained composed on the ball in our attacking half and was able to create several dangerous opportunities.


Age/Gender: U12 Boys
Location: SportsPlex (indoor)
Result: L 9-3
Players: Julian, Owen, RJ, Justin, Mick, Connor, Jake, JR, Mason, Aaron, Ryan, Billy
Goal(s): Connor (2), Justin
Player of the game: Connor

Defensively, the Dutch Lions didn’t play their best game. It was an uninspired game where the slow defensive runs, some lack of aggressiveness and specially marking were reflected in the final score.

Offensively, the Lions had some great moments of soccer with good initiatives and combination play, especially in the second half where the boys proved to be more confident and created good chances to score with several shots on goal.

Coach Paulo said after the game “Today we didn’t bring our best game. We have moment where we try to play and to come back into the game but we were very inconsistent on defense. We worked hard to recover the ball but our decision making most of the time wasn’t assertive and we ended up giving the ball back to the opponent”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Connor as a player of the game and quoted “ Connor played very well today, He was very calm with the ball and assertive on his decisions, with good field vision trying to use the width of the field and switching the point of the attack. He was very communicative and well positioned on the field, providing support to the players with ball, as happened in the plays that led to the two goals he scored today.”


Age/Gender: U13 Boys

Location: SportsPlex (indoor)
Result: T 2-2 / W 10-5
Players: Collin, Mathew, Noah, Tommy, Robbie, Simon, Dominic M., Dimitri, Enrico, Luke, Evan, Nick, John, Owen
Goal(s): Simon, Noah, Nick, Evan, Dominic M.
Player of the game: Game 1: Simon
Game 2: Noah

Defensively, on both games, the Lions were organized and focused whole game. They played aggressively on the ball winning most of their defensive challenges, with good reaction and attitude after losing the ball and also being very supportive to each other.

Offensively, the Lions performed well on the ball with great teamwork. Good passing, good combination, and quick plays that unbalanced the opponent defense and allowed to create many opportunities to score, one of them in the last minute of the game.

Coach Paulo said after the game “We had two solid games today. The first game was an exciting game, with chances to score back and forth. However I think we had the best chances to score the whole game, but unluckily we weren’t efficient. For the second game, we had the production that we missed in the first game”. Coach Paulo continued, “despite the two good exhibitions, I think our decision-making could be a little bit better, especially at the first game, where we had a lot of space to play in the middle and sometimes we opted for long balls”.

Coach Paulo nominated Simon as a player off the game at the 1st game for his attacking and defending work rate and quoted “Defensively Simon was very strong on the individual duels and covering the other defenders. Offensively he score two goals and had another couple of good chances to score”.

Coach Paulo continued, “At the 2nd game Noah stood out with his efficiency at finishing had scored some beautiful goals”.


Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: W 3-1
Players: Erin, Camille, Alessandra, Ema M, Ashley, Sumera, Emma P, Ainsley, Katie, Alicia, JJ, Nicole, Rachel, Muriel
Player of the Game: Ashley

Offensively, the Lions maintained high pressure on the opponent’s defense and made the most out of their attacking situations with quick passing combinations and supporting runs from the outside wingers. The central players did an excellent job keeping possession of the ball and were creative with their through passes behind the defensive line.

Defensively, the Lions had their best defensive performance of the season and kept a compact shape throughout the game. They anticipated every ball and were successful in a majority of the 2 ball challenges.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I was very happy with our performance today versus a quality team. It was our best overall game this season with our creativity in the attack and we also maintained our mental focus on defense to seal the close victory. I am looking forward to the re-match with Real Bellbrook next Sunday.”

Coach Shane nominated Ashley as the player of the game solid game on defense and was involved in the attack on multiple occasions.


Age/Gender: U14 Boys
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: L 6-1 | L 7-4
Players: Caden, Kyle, Hunter, TJ, Gradey, Alfonso, Luke, Silas, Ethan
Goal(s): Luke, Silas
Player of the Game: Luke

Offensively, the Lions had a much better showing in the attack and are becoming more confident with the ball. The decision making on the ball has improved and they also did well communicating on the field.

Defensively, the Lions defended in numbers and covered each other well to stay compact as a team. The Lions has some quality moments in the defensive half, which proved to be their strongest defensive performance thus far.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I thought we were much more competitive in both games today and it is great to see the boys continue to compete for each other on the field. This indoor season has improved team chemistry, which is very important for the upcoming spring season.

Coach Shane nominated Luke as the player of the game for his offensive production and scored 2 fantastic goals for his team.


Age/Gender: U15 Girls
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 1-0 W
Players: Grace T.; Grace Z; Olivia; Sarah; Morgan; Meera; Emily; Paige; Peyton; Ashley; Kayla; Anna; Veronica; Mollie; Eva; Grace P.
Goal(s): Olivia
Player of the game: Eva

On defense the Dutch Lions girls showed once again a great collective organization, very focused, determined and committed with each other throughout the match. The team kept a strong and solid performance since the initial whistle with moments of high pressure reducing the space and time on the ball for the opponent, strong into the individual duels anticipating most of the plays and with quick defensive transitions reducing significantly the chances of being caught unorganized.

With the ball the girls are progressing substantially especially on their passing and possession game, they are now more comfortable and confident on the ball being able to find the options to connect their game even under pressure, that’s a result of a great dynamic, and constant movement creating spaces and support lines to the ball carrier. The young ladies were able to create a good amount of scoring chances, however they need to be more objective and pragmatic on the last third where normally the space is tighter.

After the game coach Lopes was quoted: “With the first league game less than a week away I couldn’t be more happy with our progression, today was a tough match against a good opponent but the girls were able to sustain the pressure, and keep the game under control in all the aspects, more confident on the ball and with a terrific defensive performance, it’s not easy keep the goal immaculate for 6 game in a row, that is only possible due a great collective organization and effort.” Continuing he said” we can’t think that we are the best and invincible, is not true, we need to keep working like we did so far, humbly and confidence, because the spring season will be demanding and tough, but knowing this group of girls I know they will give everything every day to improve and be competitive throughout the season” to finalize coach Bruno said“ today I need to highlight the collective dynamic the girls were all outstanding however Eva stood out with her availability and collective commitment, she was thoughtful when the team had the ball and was helpful defensively.”


Age/Gender: U15 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 0-0
Players: Kyler, Todd, Jonathan H., Richard, Terry, Caden, Mike, AJ, Hunter, Jonathan C., Stephen, Cameron, Aaron B., Kevin, Alex, Dylan, Caleb
Player of the game: Jonathan H.

Defensively the young lions held on to another clean sheet and showcased one of the stronger defensive performances so far. The backline was well organized, pressing high, not taking any risks and playing simple when needed to. In the last two games against the same opponent the lions had conceded 7 goals and today not one chance was created against them.

In attack there was also visible improvement with the most attacking players commencing to gel and finding good combinations. The speed of the wingers is a constant threat and the young lions deserved at least one goal with dangerous shots on goal from Hunter, Mike and Caden.

After the game coach Sid said, “I am happy with todays performance, the chemistry and work rate from this team is higher than its ever been and I am looking forward to our first outdoor game next weekend.”. As player of the game coach Sid nominated Jonathan H., because, “Jonathan is a true leader in the backline, he is constantly talking and organizing and had a very strong game today making a strong center back duo with Richard.”


Age/Gender: U18 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall (Indoor)
Result: 3-0 L
Players: Trent; Drew; Triston; Micah; Cody; Makay; Matthew; Alex; Britton; Bradley; Collin; Wyatt; Declan; Trevor; Tanner; Scott;
Player of the game: Cody

Defensively the Dutch Lions young men started the match aggressive and compact, however as the game progressed the team had a tough task to contain the counter attacks and through balls, mainly because of the speed and aggressiveness of the opponent team. Despite that the team always showed a great attitude and will to revert the situation, overall the organization was good, the team knew exactly what to do collectively, just need to be more assertive, choosing the right moments to press or wait behind the ball to keep the team balance all the time.

Offensively the team presented some good moments of soccer, especially in the second period of the match, looking for short combinations to connect the game from the back line with a dynamic and supportive attitude. The boys utilized the depth and width of the field to launch their counter attacks and unbalance the opposite defensive line, however those moments needs to become more efficient and objective, to take advantage of the opponents high defensive line taking the ball out of the pressure zones and explore the space on the back.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say: “We knew before the game the level of competition here would be high, and that’s why we chose this indoor league rather than others, because is competitive challenging and allows us to improve and prepare the spring season. Today I think we struggled a little bit with the pace of the game as well as the aggressiveness of the opponent, however I saw a team committed and hungry to improve, showing at times some great moments of soccer. Soccer is a constant learning process, and I truly believe that we’re better now than we were at the beginning, more mature and with a clear idea of our collective organization.” Continuing “The Spring season not going to be easy, we will have to face tough opponents but I’m sure the lads will give a positive answer, and we will be able to compete with every team, eye to eye, on each one of competitions we are in.” to conclude coach Bruno said” today Cody was nominated as player of the match for his clairvoyance on the ball, being able to recognize and read well the moments of the game, connecting our game from the back and balancing the team.”

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