Indoor game reports week 10

Age/Gender: U11 Girls
Location: SportsPlex
Result: W 4-2 / T 0-0
Players: Erin, Marayna, Aliana, Ava, Laura, Nicole, Hope, Shiloh, Mia, Adler
Goal(s): Aliana, Ava, Mia
Player of the game: Aliana

The Dutch Lions girls had a double header this weekend.

Defensively, in both games, the girls had a good collective performance. They worked well as a team; aggressive o the ball with good defensive runs after losing possession.

Offensively, the Lions improved their ball possession, showing confidence and willingness to control the game with good passing and combinations trying to use the width and depth of the field to create chances to score.

Coach Paulo said after the game “These two games today were a good preparation for next weekend’s tournament. I saw the girls committed trying to correct the moments that did not go well in the last game we played and this is a good indicator that they are assimilating the ideas and this demonstrates their desire to learn and improve”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Aliana as a player of the game and said, ”Despite the good collective performance, I have to say that Aliana was the stand-out player today. She was very consistent on defense and focused in both games, supporting and covering her teammates where it was needed. She also created some good initiatives, that allowed us to increase the pace of the game”.


Age/Gender: U11 Girls
Location: SportsPlex
Result: L 6-0
Players: Erin, Marayna, Aliana, Ava, Laura, Nicole, Hope, Shiloh, Mia, Adler
Player of the game: Ava

Defensively, the Lions played a great game, especially at the 1st half of the game, where they were extremely organized, preventing the opposite team to create scoring opportunities. At the second half, with the course of the game and the fatigue accumulated, the collective performance level began to decline and the opponent managed to take advantage on that.

Offensively, the Lions showed good collective organization, and made most of their attacking situations with quick passing combinations and individual initiatives from the flanks, where many chances to score were created.

Coach Paulo said after the game “I’m very happy with the girls performance today. Our 1st half was great, and it was our best collective performance so far, with the girls showing great attitude against a very physical team, being aggressive on the ball, very cooperative with each other not giving space for the opponent to create their attacking situations. As the game progress, and the girls became fatigued, we were not able to contain the opponent’s attack the same way we did at the 1st half, but it was still a great game”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Ava as a player of the game and said “Ava played very well today. She played in several positions on the field and she performed well in all of them. She proved to be quite fearless and determined in the individual duels”.


Age/Gender: U11 Boys
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: W 4-3
Players: Braxton, Connor, Christian, Holden, Daniel, Sam, Aaron, Julian (U12), Justus, Sean
Goal(s): Sean, Aaron
Player of the Game: Sean

Offensively, the Lions maintained possession of the ball in the attacking half with quick passing and precise movement off the ball. The Lions pushed numbers forward and confidently finished their chances in front of goal.

Defensively, the Lions defended well as a team and did an excellent job staying compact with tight defensive lines, which limited the scoring opportunities for the opponent. The Lions were aggressive in their 1v1 challenges and covered their teammates throughout the field.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I was proud of the U11 boys tonight against a quality opponent! This was definitely our best overall game and we earned this victory as a team. We have improved tremendously this winter season and we are all looking forward to begin the outdoor season this spring!”

Coach Shane nominated Sean as the player of the game for a fantastic offensive performance. Sean showcased himself as the Lions standout attacker and scored 2 goals to seal the victory for his team.


Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Results: L 2-1 & W 3-2
Players: Alexis, Audrey, Brooke, Camlyn, Ellerie, Hannah, Ilana, Maddie, Mallory, Milan, Morgan
Goal(s): Camlyn & Milan
Players of the game: Camlyn & Milan

The Dayton Dutch Lions U12 Ladies competed tonight in a double header facing the Middletown Lady Cats in the first match followed by Real Bellbrook. In both matches the girls played with high energy and desire to be victorious.

Offensively they dominated their opponents; they maintained possession for the majority of both matches and created numerous scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, they were unable to turnover all but 1 of these opportunities in the first match against the Lady Cats’ strong and aggressive defense. In the second match versus Real Bellbrook, the Lions showed more confidence and composure on the ball in their attacking third. The game winning goal came late in the match off of a cross from Milan, finding the feet of Camlyn, who placed the ball perfectly into the lower 90.

Defensively, the Lion’s were very solid in the first round. They maintained a compact and organized shape and they matched the aggressiveness of their opponents. It was one of the best defensive showings we’ve seen yet from the Lion’s. However, in the second match it was not the lady’s best performance. All three of the opponent’s goals came from defensive mistakes; either losing track of their marks or making poor decisions with the ball.

After the match Coach Katie had the following to say “I am happy with the level of energy we displayed in both games. This makes our third time playing the Lady Cats and each time the outcome gets closer and closer. It’s always good to see our progress and I truly believe that if and when we meet this team again, there will be a different result in our favor”. Coach Katie concluded with “I believe we became a more well rounded team this winter and that showed in both games tonight”.

Coach Katie has nominated Camlyn as the player of the first game and Milan as the player of the second game. Tonight, Milan finished two opportunities in the second game and had an assist to Camlyn’s game winning goal. Camlyn assisted Milan’s goals in the second game in addition to her own goals in both games. These two key attacking players proved to be a powerful combination tonight.


Age/Gender: U12 Boys
Location: SportsPlex (indoor)
Result: W 13-0
Players: Julian, R.J., Justin, Mick, Connor, Jake, J.R., Mason, Aaron, Owen, Romano
Goal(s): Romano (3), Aaron (3), Jake (2), Julian (2), Owen, Connor, J.R.
Player of the game: Romano

Defensively, the Lions had a good performance and kept a clean sheet. The boys displayed good organization, determination, and aggressiveness in their tackles. The communication among the players was another very positive aspect and had a huge contribution to keep the team compact, when tracking and recovering possession.

Offensively, the Lions improved their possession, showed confidence with the ball and willingness to control the game from the beginning.

The team had a lot of movement to create space, provided options to the ball carrier, and the Lions were able to create some quick plays and several opportunities to score.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The boys had a great attitude today on the ball. I’m pleased with our offensive dynamic, with lot of movement to create space and support the player with ball, and was good to see the team trying to maintain the ball and controlling the speed of play in some moments of the game”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Romano as a player of the game and quoted “ Romano had a good performance today. Romano managed to reconcile his speed and individual skills to the benefit of the team. He assists, scored 3 goals, and showed a great defensive effort”.



Age/Gender: U13 Boys Blue vs. Orange
Location: SporstPlex (Indoor)
Result: W 9-4
Players: Luke, Collin, Evan, Dominic M., Nick, Mathew, John, Tommy, Dimitri, Noah, Romano (U12), Mick (U12), Aaron (U12), Justin (U12), Jake (U12)
Goal(s): Noah (4), Tommy (3), Matthew (2), Evan, Nick, Mick, Aaron
Player of the game: Noah

Defensively, both teams displayed good organization in a very interesting scrimmage between the U13 Boys team. Both teams stayed compact and very communicative in a game where it was also possible to see some good saves from both goalkeepers.

Offensively, both teams showed good dynamic and confidence on the ball, with a very effective ball possession, trying to switch the field quickly creating fast counter attacks.

Both teams created several goal scoring opportunities, but with the course of the game, mainly at the 2nd half, the Blue team demonstrated greater effectiveness at finishing.

Coach Paulo said after the game “It was a positive scrimmage for the U13 Boys, in a different context, outside the practice environment, and was good to see the effort and the intensity the boys put on the game”.

Coach Paulo nominated Noah as a player of the game for the finishing skills he demonstrated in front of goal.


Age/Gender: U13 Boys
Location: SportsPlex (indoor)
Result: T 3-3 / L 4-2
Players: Collin, Tommy, Simon, Matthew, Robbie, Noah, Dimitri, Dominic M., Enrico, Jaden, Nick, Evan
Goal(s): Matthew (3), Tommy, Robbie
Player of the game: Game 1: Matthew
Game 2: Collin

Defensively, the Lions were very solid on both games. The boys were very supportive to each other, with fast defensive transitions and good covers, prove to be very determined and confident on the individual duels.

Offensively, the Lions displayed a lot of confidence with the ball, with good possession and combination play, creating most of their situations on through balls along the flanks.

The Lions had moments of great soccer, with good passes, controlling the pace of game.

Coach Paulo said after the game “We played 2 great games today, and I’m very pleased with the attitude and effort the boys put on the game. During the 1st game, we were unlucky the way we conceded the game tying goal in the last 5 seconds on the game.

At the second game, we had many chances to score with lots of shots at goal, but we couldn’t finish. We also had some situations where we had numbers up, but we weren’t able to connect the last pass.

Coach Paulo nominated Matthew as a player off the game at the 1st game and quoted “Matthew played a really solid game on defense, and had some good decisions on the team attacking process, displaying confidence at the time to shoot at goal, and scored a great goal outside of the box”.

Coach Paulo continued, “At the 2nd game Collin had an important role this game and stood out with great saves, good reaction and decision making on 1 vs. 1 situations”.


Age/Gender: U14 Boys
Location: Kingdom Sportscenter
Result: L 5-1
Players: Caden, Teddy, Kyle, Hunter, Dominic, Ethan, Elijah, Alfonso, Silas, TJ, Gradey, Gareth
Player of the game: Caden

This weekend the Dutch Lions played a tough match. The Dutch Lions played against the same opponent but with different players as the previous match. From the kickoff the Lions started really well and aggressive and the opening goal for Dayton Dutch Lions FC was right. Further during the match they played a period in which there was a lack of movement on the field and that was the main reason that the score completely changed. During a period of ten minutes in which the opponent scored four goals, the Lions tried to fight themselves back in the game. The last fifteen minutes of the game was a pleasure to watch because the team played with full pressure and with that strategy, they created the opportunities to get back in the game.

Defensively, the Dutch Lions played a very solid match overall. The main reason the Lions won their previous match one week ago was that there was a outstanding transition when they lost the ball and the transition was not as effective this game.

Offensively the boys created all their chances in the last fifteen minutes of the match. They found space and created some goal scoring opportunities.
Coach Daan was quoted: “My opinion is that it was an unnecessary loss for the team. During the whole game we played periods in which we were the better team. For this team of young players it is important that they are keep focusing during the whole game and today the concentration was not always there. It is hard to nominate somebody as a player of the match because I know that everyone can play better than we have seen today. I nominated Caden as the player of the match. He had a couple of good saves today and this must give him the confidence that he is on the right path as goalkeeper.

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