Middletown Tourney Recap

This past weekend the Dayton Dutch Lions FC participated in the Middletown Spring Blast Tournament with several youth teams. Here are the game reports for the weekend:

Dayton Dutch Lions FC U9 Girls
Tournament Record: 2 W- 1 L- 0 T

The girls played really good during the whole weekend. In the opening game of the tournament they won their first match 4-1. The Lions realized that a victory in the first game of the tournament is the most important goal to reach the final. Defensively, the Lions played very strong and aggressive! When the defenders captured the ball they looked forward and found always found spaces by the strikers. During the whole game they played with sharp counter attacks and that was the main reason for the great win. The transition from defense to attack was perfect and the opponent had no clue with this kind of playing style.

After a quick break of a few hours, the girls played their second game against the future winner of the tournament. In comparing with the first match, it was more difficult for the girls to cross the ball from side to side and find space near the left and right sideline. Although there were a couple of chances to score but the Lions were unlucky in the finishing part. A few sharp counter attacks of the opponent were deadly for the Dayton Dutch Lions and led eventually to a 2-0 loss for the team.

The third game of the tournament was an important match because the girls were still in the running to reach the final. The Lions played in the same formation as their first match and that showed good confidence in the game. The opponent started really strong during the first minutes of the game. In this 1st half, they made the first goal and the Lions were 1-0 behind. After this period they were playing better and better and that gave them more confidence! The end score was 2-1 for the Lions and it was more than a deserved win.

Coach Daan said after the match: “I am really proud in the way the girls played during this tournament. It seems that they had fun and beside of that, the quality of the games was also a good level. There are a few tactical things that we can do better and we have to practice hard to develop each girl more and more to make them a more complete soccer player.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Girls
Tournament record: 1 W- 1 L- 1 T

The Dutch Lions U11 Girls started their participation at the Middletown Spring Blast with a convincing 3-0 win.

The girls started the game with a very positive attitude, with a good field occupation offensively and defensively, quality passing, and good combination with all the girls working hard and support each other putting a great effort on the game. The Dutch Lions girls scored 3 goals, but they had many chances to extend the lead.

At their 2nd game of the Tournament, the girls showed a great determination where they came back from a 2-0 deficit.

The first minutes of the game were controlled by the opponent and scored 2 goals in 10 minutes. The girls displayed a great attitude, never giving up and scored a goal that set the 2-1 on the board at the half time.

At the 2nd half, in an exciting game with chances back and forth, and both teams playing for the win the Lions scored and equalized the game, 2-2. Just a minute later, the Lions scored again in a great came back for the Lions. The girls had more chances to score but weren’t effective and the opponent scored another goal, setting a 3-3-end result.

In the 2nd Tournament day, with the girls still in the race for the final, the Lions faced a team that brought two wins from Saturday’s and was a strong candidate for the final.

The girls started the game well, with some chances the open the scoreboard and holding up the opponent pressure for the first 15 minutes. After that, in just 2 minutes, the girls conceded 2 goals that were crucial for the game. The girls tried to come back but couldn’t hold the opponents attack for much longer and the game went to the half-time with the Lions down on the board 5-0.

At the 2nd half, the Lions came with a different attitude, more aggressive on the ball and created some good chances to score, but it wasn’t enough ending the game with a 6-1 loss as an end result.

Coach Paulo said after the game “It was a very positive weekend, and good to see the way the girls played. We played 3 games, one where we were stronger than our opponent and controlled the game: one were we came back from a 2-0 deficit and tied the game, and another were the opponent were stronger than us, but our attitude was exemplar in every game, since the beginning until the last second of the game. It’s been a long season for the girls, and playing this Tournament makes me believe that the girls are ready to start the Spring Season League”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U11 Boys
Tournament Record: 2 W- 1 L- 1 T


The Lions kicked off the Middletown Spring Blast with a 3-3 tie after going down 2 goals in the first half. The Lions kept their composure and continued to pressure the opponent’s defense from the wings and completed the comeback with 2 goals in the second half.

The second game of the day, another quality opponent challenged the Lions as both teams were all knotted up at half-time 1-1. The Lions continued to utilize the flanks and would find the breakthrough goal with a brilliant run from the left side into the box and finished it off with a low driven shot past the keeper. The game would finish 3-1 as the Lions were rewarded a late penalty to seal the victory.

Sunday morning, the Lions would find themselves in a very physical match-up and a lot at stake as the winner would advance to the final. The Lions would capitalize on a first half goal with a corner kick that swung directly into the goal. Late in the game, the opponent’s goalkeeper would bobble a shot and a Lions attacker was in the right place to tap the ball into the goal and seal the victory sending his team into the finals.

Coach Shane was quoted, “ I am so proud of the U11 boys performance in this tournament! We continued to improve each game and this was a great tournament to help us prepare for the spring season.”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Girls
Tournament record: 2 W-1 L- 0 T

The U12 Girls finished the weekend off with two wins and a loss.  In review of the tournament, Coach Katie said “I am very pleased with the girls’ overall performance this weekend.  We faced a tough opponent in the first match and unfortunately they were able to break us down a couple of moments.  But, I am proud of how the ladies responded to that first loss in the next two games; we began to play with more possession and organization.  Their confidence on the ball as they built their attack and their ability to finish opportunities was very gratifying and enjoyable to watch as a coach.  This weekend the girls demonstrated the improvement they have made throughout the winter season and I am excited and eager to get started on the work we have before us.        


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U12 Boys
Tournament record: 1 W-2 L- 0 T

The Dutch Lions U12 Boys started their participation at the Middletown Spring Blast with a 3-0 win where the Lions controlled the game since the first whistle, with a early goal, with a great dynamic, and intensity that created many chances to score.

Most of the scoring opportunities were created from the flanks, through good combinations, and through balls followed by good crosses into the box.

At the 2nd game of the Tournament, the Lions started the game too confident and were surprised by the opponent. Many chances were created, but the boys weren’t able to capitalize the chances, having missed some clear opportunities to score. The lions played a strong second half, but wasn’t enough to reverse the score, ending the game with a 6-5 loss.

On the 2nd Tournament day, with the Lions in the race for the final, the boys played another great game, with most of the game being played on the opponents half. They showed great attitude and aggression, confidence on the ball, quick plays, switching the point of the attack with absolute control of the game but at the end of the first part, in one of the rare times that the opponent has reached the Lions goal, they scored a goal and went to the half time leading the board. During the second half, many chances were created, but again, the Lions weren’t effective enough to capitalize on their chances and almost at the final whistle the opponent scored again, ending the Lions defeated 2-0.

Coach Paulo said after the game “I’m very pleased with our performance during the Tournament! The boys showed a tremendous attitude and were very disciplined every game we played, with a great dynamic, offensively and defensively. Unlucky for us, we missed a lot of chances to score, and for the way we played I think we deserved a better luck and be in the final”.


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Girls
Tournament Record: 3 W- 1 L – 0 T

Saturday’s game, the Lions jumped out to a two-goal lead in the first half with a brilliant shot from the 18 yd. box and neatly tapped in goal by a Lions attacker from a corner kick. The opponent would eventually get a goal in the second half but the Lions defense stayed composed and protected the lead for their first victory.

The second game, The Lions took the lead with a speed counter attack that opened up a 3v2 situation and quick passes sprung the right-winger in front of goal. She would finish the chance with a first time shot that that flew past the keeper. The Lions would leave it until to the final minute to score the game-winning goal as the DDL winger anticipated a cross into the box and she tapped it in for the 2nd victory.

Sunday’s game, an important match-up as the winner would book a trip to the finals. The Lions began the match with high pressure and were rewarded with a goal in the first minute. A fantastic goal from the opponent with a shot from the corner of the box sent the game to half all tied up. The Lions would eventually tally the game winner as the DDL winger ran onto a cross into the box and she neatly placed it past the keeper for the 3rd win of the tournament.

Coach Shane was quoted, “The girls showed a fantastic mentality throughout the tournament. Our defense was composed and our offense was confident in the attacking half. I am proud of the girls accomplishments this tournament!”


Dayton Dutch Lions FC U14 Boys
Tournament Record: 0 W- 2 L- 1 T

This weekend, the Dutch Lions played a couple of tough matches during the Middletown Spring Blast 2016 Tournament. On Saturday they played two matches against high quality teams. Defensively they were not aggressive enough and beside of that, they did not recognize the moments of transition to find space behind the defense of the opponent. Further in the game, the Lions tried to control the game more but unfortunately it did not lead to scoring opportunities.

The second game on Saturday was better and definitely the second half of this game was from a good level. The lions created a couple of 100% chances but they were unlucky in the finishing. The quality of the opponent was high, so during these kind of games it is important to have a high return in scoring opportunities.

The match on Sunday was much better than both games on Saturday. The Dayton Dutch Lions played really strong and they worked hard together. The lions created many chances during the game and also defensively they played compact and gave only a few chances away. The battle during this game was mainly on the midfield. Elijah played really strong as a defensive midfielder and had a lot of interceptions. Overall, it was a very exciting game because there played two equal teams on the field. In the last few minutes the Lions created another 100% chance but unfortunately Luke could not score this opportunity. In the last second of the match the referee decided to give a pk for the opponent team. The striker of the opponent team shot the ball over the goal and straight after this situation the referee blow on his whistle and ended the match.

Coach Daan said after the match: “It was a really good tournament to play and prepare for the upcoming season that starts on Friday. For me as a new coach, it was a good opportunity to see how each players performs on different positions and to find out what the best formation is for our team. During this tournament we played three matches in different formations and I think that I have found the best option for my team. This week we will practice more and more in this formation so everybody will understand what I expect and how I want to play during the opening game this Friday.


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