Academy Game Reports 3/30


Age/Gender: U11 Girls
Location: West Carrollton
Result: W 1-0 (0-0)
Players: Mia, Marayna, Aliana, Ava, Laura, Nicole, Hope, Lauren, Shiloh
Goal(s): Aliana
Player of the game: Aliana

On defense, the girls were very organized, with a good field occupation, marking and worked well as a team. They were aggressive on ball, which limited the opponent to have time and space to make good decisions.

Offensively, the girls had a good collective performance, trying to find the path to opponent’s goal. The young Lions showed good passes and individual footwork on 1 vs. 1 situations that resulted in goal scoring situations. Throughout the game, many chances were created and the Dutch Lions goal was scored in the 2nd half by Aliana through a corner kick and was assisted by Marayna. Aliana found the back of the net in a well taken shot with her left foot.

Coach Paulo said after the game “It was a well played game from the girls. They were very confident on the ball, with assertive decisions, and communication on the field. We created and had a lot of chances to extend the lead. It was a great way to start the Spring Season League and and I hope the girls continue with the same level of confidence in the next game”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Aliana as a player of the game and was quoted, “Aliana played a great game today. She was well positioned the entire game. She was very strong defensively on individual duels, and very creative offensively with great initiatives, good passes, and scored a beautiful goal that was really important for the team”.



Age/Gender: U11 Girls
Location: SportsPlex
Result: L 7-2
Players: Mia, Marayna, Aliana, Ava, Laura, Nicole, Hope, Lauren, Shiloh
Goal(s): Nicole, Lauren
Player of the game: Nicole

On defense, the girls had some trouble following the opponent’s fast pace and containing the opponent’s initiatives. Defensive transitions weren’t very fast and a couple of times the girls were outnumbered by the opponent’s offensive players.

Offensively, the girls had some good passes and some quick plays and created some good chances to score but weren’t able to capitalize those chances. They showed good individual skills on 1 vs. 1 situation with great footwork.

Coach Paulo said after the game “Today we had a double-header. We started our Spring Season League, in the morning, and we finish our Indoor Season with this game. The girls fatigue was visible at this game, but even that, they did their best and worked really hard during whole game. Looking back, in my opinion, playing these 2 Indoor Seasons was very beneficial for girls. They found good competition and had to improve in some aspects, not only collective, but above all the individual aspects”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Nicole as a player of the game for the “great individual technical skills and confidence showed during the game and for the goal she scored”.


Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: Oak Grove Park
Roster: Marissa, Muriel, Camille, Nora, Alicia, Ashley, Ema, Rachel, Sumera, JJ, Emma, Nicole, Shelby
Result: W 6-0
Goals: Rachel, Sumera (2), JJ (3)
Player of the Game: Nora

Offensively, the Lions were sharp and full of energy from the first whistle. Precise distribution to the outside flanks was a key part of the attack and the wingers did an excellent job to complete the play with a cross into the box or a shot on goal. The Lions attackers were confident with the ball inside of the box and finished their scoring opportunities at the right moments.

Defensively, the Lions maintained their organization throughout the game and worked hard to keep the defensive shape compact. The Lions were aggressive and strong in their tackles, which limited the offensive production for the opponent.

Coach Shane was quoted after the game, “I thought my girls played very well in our first spring season game! I thought we adapted very quickly to the full size 11v11 field and did a great job utilizing the space especially in the attack. Another positive in this game was our transition from offense to defense, it was great to see the girls recover on the field to help their teammates defensively.

Coach Shane nominated Nora as the player of the game for an excellent game as outside defender and also was involved in the attack and created multiple scoring opportunities with brilliant crosses into the box.


Age/Gender: U14 Boys
Location: Duke Park
Players: Alfonso, Dominic, Elijah, Ethan, Hunter, Gradey, Kyle, Luke, TJ, Eli, Gareth
Result: L 5-0
Player of the Match: Dominic

The Lions played their opening game of the spring season against TSC at Duke Park. During the first period of the game it was pleasant that there were two equal teams playing against each other. Later in the first half, the Lions became 1-0 behind. Defensively, the Lions played really some strong periods but this was changing during the whole game. The fact that they couldn’t muster this till the end of the game was the fundamental reason for the loss today. Quick after the opening goal, the Lions had to amass the second goal. Before halftime, they conceived a couple chances to find the connection but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

After the break they keep playing in good health and created a couple more chances to get finally that deserved goal. Offensively, they worked hard and found space behind the defenders all the time. Finally the moment was there when Luke escaped from his defender and scored a goal sprinted in a one vs. one situation with the goalkeeper. Everybody speculated that his was the deserved goal but right after the goal, the referee blew on his whistle and disapproved the goal. From that moment the Lions played all or nothing and tried to force a goal. In a fatal counter attack there became an end on all the good hope for a positive result.

Coach Daan had the following to say after the game: “Before this match, I had a good expectation that we would have a positive result in this match. Since I’m the coach of this team I see that players improve themselves and that gives me a good awareness and positive mindset to keep going. Everyone was very disappointed straight after the game but next week it’s spring break and we can refresh our mindset and get our head up again for the week after. I hope that I have the commitment of all the players next week so we can practice as a team and prepare us for the next game on Saturday April 9th.

After the game, Coach Daan nominated Dominic as a player of the game and said: “Beside the five goals we conceded today, I nominate Dominic. He was undisturbed with the ball and always found the free teammate on the field. During building up moments, he takes a lot of risk today, but today everything picked up well.

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