Game Reports and TOW – Aug. 23

This past weekend the DDL FC U12 Girls, U12 Boys, U13 Boys, and U15 Boys teams kicked of their 2016 Fall season.

Besides weekly game reports, every week the DDL FC staff selects the Hope Springs team of the week. The selection process is based on the performance of the player with a big emphasis on the club’s core values: Respect, Integrity, Strive to Improve, Communicate With Impact and  Team Work.

Team of the week  presented by Hope Springs Wellness Center:

Hope Springs Team of the Week 1


Weekly game reports:

Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: Warrior Soccer Complex
Result: 5-1 W
Players: Mia, Rachel, Laura, Ava P., Adler, Hope, Shiloh, Nicole, Ava B., Alyvia, Marayna, Danielle, Julia, Lauren
Goal(s): Hope (2) / Ava P. (2) / Lauren
Hope Springs Player of the game: Ava P

Defensively, the Dutch Lions girls presented a solid and consistent performance. Showing a good collective organization during a majority of the match, with a clear idea of their individual roles and tasks. The girls were able to recognize the defensive transition moment very well, reacting quickly after losing ball possession. It was also important see how the team was able to utilize the space, playing compact and reducing the time and options for our opponent’s build up play or finding their combinations.

On the ball, the girls had a positive attitude as they tried to build up from the back a few times using the short combinations, showing confidence. Besides the 5 goals, some other good chances were created due to a good dynamic and constant movement. The young ladies were able to utilize the space well, exploring the outside channels as main option to create danger and to take the ball out of pressure. It was very positive to see some overlaps from the outside backs and some give and goes in the center of the pitch, which allowed the team to reach the finishing zones often.

After the game coach Bruno had the following statement ” I’m very happy with the start of season, I couldn’t have ask more from the girls, they have worked really hard during these last 3 weeks. It was possible to see some of the things we worked on coming back in today’s game as the space awareness / occupation, the defensive transition moment, and also the shifting movement. Of course there’s still a long road to go through and a lot of things to improve, but I believe that for now is a lot of information to learn but slowly we will get there. Like I said initially, it was a good beginning, now we need to keep working with the same focus, attitude and determination to keep improving.” To conclude coach Bruno said” Today we’ve nominated Ava P as Hope Springs player of the match, besides the 2 goals scored she represented perfectly the club core values, communicating constantly throughout the game with her teammates giving instructions and motivating them. Also, her work rate and integrity during the game was an example for all of us.”


Team/Gender: U12 Boys Blue
Location: DDL Complex
Result: 4-2 L
Players: Andrew, Jackson, Jack, Zane, Tyler, Christian, Asher, Sean C, Sean S, Daniel
Goal(s): Sean S, Christian
Hope Springs Player of the game: Jackson

Defensively, the Lions did well keeping a compact shape in the defensive third and providing cover for their teammates. The work rate was tremendous in the transition to defense and the Lions did an excellent job getting numbers behind the ball. The Lions need to be stronger in their 1v1 defensive challenges and must improve their shape defensively when the ball shifts side to side on the field.

Offensively, the Lions had some success when attacking up the flanks and were able to create their best scoring opportunities from quick combination play with through balls behind the defensive line. The Lions confidently scored their two goals through the run of play and displayed an excellent finishing technique in front of goal. The Lions need to improve their speed of play and must utilize the space on the field in ball possession.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I was extremely happy with our boys effort in their first competitive game together! Adapting to the 9v9 positioning and improving our shape on the field offensively/defensively is key for us moving forward this season. We will now look ahead and continue preparing for our game next weekend!

Coach Shane nominated Jackson as the Hope Springs player of the game for a strong defensive game, always in the right position to help his teammates, and his effort to keep improving each practice/game!


Age/Gender: U13 Boys
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: L 3-5
Players: Braxton, Holden, Connor B., R.J., Max, Connor C, Keaton, Josiah, Aaron, Noah, Ryan R, Ryan, C., Dominic
Goals: Keaton, Ryan C., Connor B.
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Connor C

Defensively, the boys showed a good organization and field occupation in general. The attitude was also a positive aspect with the Lions being aggressive on the individual duels and very supportive throughout the game, providing some good cover and closing the passing lines. Despite of it, there were some other moments where the Lions showed lack of communication and aggressiveness stepping on the ball and that was crucial moments for the game.

Offensively, the Lions played well, and showed signs of confidence when in possession. It was possible to see the team trying to switch the point of the attack, as well as some good passes and quick plays followed by through balls that allowed the Lions to create some dangerous situations on wide-areas.The boys created some good chances but I we needed more confidence at the moment of finishing in front of goal.

Coach Paulo said after the game “Today was the opening game for us, also our 1st 11v11 game and I’m very pleased with the attitude showed by the boys during the game. They are transitioning from the 9v9 to 11v11, still learning new ideas and concepts and I enjoy watching them trying to use the things we worked on during game,

Continuing, coach Paulo said, “The lack of conditioning and rhythm of play prevented us from maintaining the same level and pace of play during the 2nd half, but it’s something we will improve on as we play more games, and I hope we can keep this attitude for the next games”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Connor C, as a player of the game and quoted “Connor had a good performance today. His positioning on the field was excellent and he was very confident on the ball, had good field vision, and passing quality allowed us to switch the point of attack and use the speed of the fast players we have on the flanks”.


Age/Gender: U15 Boys Orange
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: 3-0 W
Players: Luke, Collin, Owen, Matthew, Tristan, Evan, Simon, Dominic, Robbie, Tommy, John, Romano, Noah, Nick, Aaron
Goal(s): Dominic (Matthew), Noah (Simon), Luke (Tommy)
Hope Springs Player of the game: Dominic

Defensively the team showed good organization and positive pressure on the ball. The midfield was able to push forward and press a high line. The speed and positioning of Simon and Evan helped covering the midfield and the full backs did a good job closing the gaps and pressing high when the ball was on their side. Both GK’s (Luke and Collin) made the saves they needed to make and kept a clean sheet.

In attack, the lions kept up where they left off last year. With many returning players the team feels confortable with the ball on their feet and showed some great combination play at times. The 3rd goal resulted out of a great spell of possession at the beginning of the 2nd half with Luke finishing a great pass from Tommy. The first 2 goals came during the 1st half, with Dominic scoring the 1st out of a corner from Matthew and Noah scoring the 2nd out of a 1v1 situation with the goalkeeper after a great ball over the top passed by Simon.

Coach Sid was pleased after the game, “I was curious to see where we stood after a long summer break and playing up 2 divisions higher then we did last season and I think we did well, scoring 3 goals and conceding none is a great start for us. I felt in possession we showed some good things and defensively we where organized. We need to get more aggressive pressing the ball and make sure our performances are consistent as in moments today we dropped our level and we let the opponent play. We also need to improve physically what is normal as we are at the start of the season.” Dominic was nominated as the Hope springs man of the match due to his tremendous work rate, coaching, and performance level


Team/Gender: U15 Boys Blue
Location: John Ankeney Soccer Complex
Result: 7-2 L
Players: Julian, Owen R, Owen M, Jason, Enrico, Dominic C, Dominic M, Justin, Mick, Gradey, TJ, Nikolas, Dimitar, Ethan
Goal(s): TJ, Jason
Hope Springs Player of the game: Owen M

Defensively, the Lions had difficulties matching up against the speed and strength of their opponent. The Lions had some positive moments when they were strong in their tackles with a compact defensive shape but need to maintain the discipline and mental sharpness in the defensive half throughout the game.

Offensively, the Lions had some good moments in the buildup play with some quick combination plays that opened up the space for the wingers to attack. The Lions goal came from a quick counter attack with numbers pressing forward and the ref rewarded a free kick inside the 18 yd box. The Lions quickly took the free kick, catching the opponent defense off guard and TJ finished his chance in front of goal.

Coach Shane was quoted. “I am glad the season has started and we were able to complete our first league game as a team. Looking forward to getting back on the training ground to continue improving our defensive organization and our speed of play in the attack. We have a great group of committed players that will put in the effort on the field and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish this season.”

Coach Shane nominated Owen as the Hope Springs Player of the Game for his defensive work in the center midfield, his ball distribution on offense, and his communication on the field to keep his teammates organized.

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