Game Reports and TOW – AUG 30


Hope Spring Wellness Center Team of the Week August 30th:


Game reports August 30th:

Age/Gender: U10 Girls
Location: Delco Park
Result: L 3-2
Players: Elizabeth H, Quiterie, Madeline, Alivia, Elizabeth S., Reagan, Ashlyn, Grace, Sophia, Isabella
Goal(s): Ashlyn, Elizabeth H.
Hope Springs Player of the game: Elizabeth H.

Defensively, the girls showed good determination and aggression on the individual duels but had some trouble in keep a good defensive shape. Both GK’s (Elizabeth H. and Alivia) did a good job on their decision-making coming off line and were confident and fearless.

Offensively the young girls created a lot of good chances to score, with several shots on goal, due to good counter attacks and individual initiatives but showed some hesitation at the time of shooting on goal.

Coach Paulo said after the game “This is a brand new team with some really young players and most of the girls competing for the fist time. The girls played well today, but there are some aspects the team has to learn in order to develop and improve their decision making skills, which is normal at an early ages”.

Coach Paulo nominated Elizabeth H. as the Hope Springs Player of the Game due to her work rate as well as focus and aggression she displayed during the game as GK and also a field player.


Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: Smith Park
Result: 4-0 L
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Marayna; Danielle; Julia
Hope Springs Player of the game: Hope

Defensively the Dutch Lions young girls had a positive performance in terms of organization, they were perfectly aware of the space and the importance of being compact as a unit on defense, especially during the first half the young girls don’t let the opponents create many dangerous situations besides the one goal. During the second half the pressure was not as effective as the first period of the game, which gave the opponents more space and time on the ball and that combined with some individual mistakes on our defensive area dictated the final score.

On the ball the team had two distinct halves. During the first half the girls were solid, with a good dynamic based on short combinations, looking for the wingers as main option to take the ball out of pressure and create danger. In that period of time, some good chances to score were created. However, a lack of discernment and accuracy in the last moment kept the opponent goal intact. The second half was a little different, the young Lions weren’t capable of keeping the ball possession effectively and the game become a little bit more disorganized and based on long balls which doesn’t benefits our game.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say, ” I really liked the first half, the girls were very organized on defense with moments of very good pressure. They were able to connect their passing game and create some really good chances to open the score. Unfortunately we were not able capitalize those chances. We need to be more pragmatic and effective in this last moment. During the second half we lost control of the game, we were not able to find the wingers often, which directly affected our offensive productivity. We also struggled a little on our decision making on the ball especially when under pressure and that something we will definitely work on during the upcoming weeks.” to conclude coach Bruno said “today we decided to nominate Hope as the Hope Springs player of the match, she was very important on our defensive process, closing the gaps and anticipating numerous passes. She also showed a tremendous attitude throughout the game, very focused and always encouraging her teammates.”


Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Result: 3-1 W
Players: Morgan; Erin; Ilana; Hannah; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Maddie; Alicia; Emma; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn
Goal(s): Emma; Camlyn; Milan
Hope Springs Player of the game: Camlyn

On defense, the Dutch Lions team had a solid performance and was organized for the majority of the game. There were moments with good space occupation reducing the time and the space from the opponent to build up or connect their passes. However, the team struggled when the opposing team played more direct, after the half time the young ladies were able to fix that detail with a better pressure on the ball carrier and dropping the defensive line, which allowed a better control of the game.

Offensively the young girls had a pleasant performance, they were able to control the ball possession and to connect some good short combinations breaking the first line of pressure. They used the space wisely, using all width of the pitch to create unbalances on the opposing defensive line. Two out of the three goals scored came from the outside channels, where the wingers were able to create numerous danger situations after they passed the direct defender in a one versus one.

After the game coach Bruno had the following statement,” Today the team had a great reaction after a tough game yesterday. They came out strong since the initial whistle trying to control the ball possession. It was really nice see them connecting their short passing game with a good collective dynamic. On defense, after we adjust some positional details we were able to control all the opposing offensive attempts, including the long balls that were a problem during the first half.” continuing “Obviously there is still a lot of things to improve and to adjust but with this kind of attitude and commitment I believe we will be able to find our path and be more consistent throughout the season”. To conclude coach Lopes said “today we’ve nominated Camlyn as Hope Springs player of the match, besides a beautiful finish in a crucial moment of the match that gave us the lead of the game, she was crucial on our offensive dynamic, either holding the ball up on the field or with her creativity beating the defenders and finding the wingers constantly. She is being a great example for all of us at every practice and games with her integrity and work ethic to learn and improve.”


Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: Spindler Soccer Complex
Result: 8-1 L
Players: Morgan; Erin; Ilana; Hannah; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Maddie; Alicia; Emma; Ashley; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn
Goal(s): Alicia
Hope Springs Player of the game: Alicia

Defensively the Dutch Lions girls had good start, very organized closing the lines of passing and pressuring the ball carrier, which allowed us to spend the first quarter of the game on our attacking half. After that period of time the opponent assumed the control of the game and the team struggled to keep the same level of organization and the pace of the game, which combined with a lack of aggressiveness and individual mistakes on the last third of the field, made it difficult to come back and fight for the score.

On the ball was exactly the same situation, the young ladies had a great start, moving the ball around well with short combinations and constant movement, looking for the outside spaces as the main option to build up their game, creating some good chances to score. After that initial momentum, the team lost control of the ball possession, missing numerous first passes right after recovering the ball, which exposed our defense. During the second half the girls tried to react and created a couple of chances from counter attack situations, but the ball possession and the organization was not solid enough to keep the team in a confortable dominant situation.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say,” Obviously was not the start of the season that we wanted but it’s a learning lesson. The new dimensions of the field will require an adjustment in terms of field occupation and speed of playing for the majority of the girls but I believe that we will get there. About the game itself, we had a promising start, scoring a goal and creating a few more chances. After that, we lost control of the ball and consequently of the match, we can’t let the game go by itself we got to be able to be more consistent and avoid some basic mistakes, especially on our defensive half,” continuing” now this game it’s already over, and we can’t change nothing about it anymore, we need to learn from it and work hard to revert this situation”. To conclude “today we’ve nominated Alicia as Hope Springs player of the match. Besides the goal scored she was very influent on our defensive process, covering a lot of ground, with a tremendous attitude and character, encouraging her teammates constantly with a very positive communication and leadership throughout the match.”


Age/Gender: U15 Boys Orange
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: L 3-5
Players: Luke, Owen, Evan, Simon, Matthew, Dominic S., Tommy, Robbie, John, Nick, Noah, Triston, Gabe
Goal(s): Nick, Matthew, Noah
Hope Springs Player of the game: Dominic S.

Defensively, despite the good organization showed with pressure on the ball and reducing passing lanes, the Lions had some difficulties to keep up the opponent’s speed and dominance in the midfield.

The fullbacks did a good job on individual duels and as well as the center backs they had some positive moments of anticipation in dangerous plays, but there could have been a little more communication between the defensive line and the GK.

Offensively the Lions had some good transitions and quick plays that allowed the team to create several finishing situations that unfortunately weren’t able to capitalize. Most of their best chances to score were created when attacking on the flanks, and this was something that the Lions could have better exploited.

Coach Paulo said after the game “I think it was a good game, but we didn’t start well in the 2nd half conceding the early goals that definitely change the course of the game. We demonstrated a good attitude and tried to came back but we were not able to keep the consistency from the 1st half”.

Coach Paulo nominated Dominic as the Hope Springs Player of the Game due his attacking and defensive work rate, especially his ball distribution on offense and passing accuracy.


Age/Gender: U15 Boys Blue
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: W 3-1
Players: Julian, Owen R, Luke. Owen M, Enrico, Dominic M, Nick, Dominic M, Dimitar, Dominic C, Justin, TJ, Simon, Mick, Gradey
Goal(s): TJ, Simon, Julian
Hope Springs Player of the game: Julian

Offensively, the lions did an excellent job finding the space in behind the opponent’s high defensive line. Effective through balls were delivered to the on rushing wingers and the outside players were able to complete the play with a cross into the box, a shot on goal, or maintained possession of the ball.

Defensively, the lions kept their organization throughout the game with a compact shape with the perfect balance and cover to contain the opponent’s speed in the attack. The lions were successful in their 1v1 challenges and recovered the ball on multiple occasions deep in the defensive third.

Coach Shane was quoted, “The U15 Boys played fantastic today and have improved tremendously since the start of the season. We were very organized on defense and that really set the tone for today’s game. We were able to capitalize on two goals from the counter attack to complete the victory for us today.

Coach Shane nominated Julian as the player of the game excellent game as goalkeeper and his communication to keep his defense organized.


Age/Gender: U15 Boys Orange
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: L 6-2
Players: Luke, Owen, Evan, Simon, Matthew, Dominic S., Dominic M, Tommy, Robbie, John, Nick, Noah, Triston
Goal(s): Robbie, Simon
Hope Springs Player of the game: Robbie

Offensively, the lions faced off against a strong and physical defense, which made it difficult for them to maintain possession of the ball. The lions had their best moments with quick combination plays through the midfield and with ball distribution to flank areas behind the outside backs. Late in the 2nd half, the lions attack was rewarded with two clinical finishes inside the 18 yard box.

Defensively, they had a tough time containing the opponent’s speedy attack along the flanks and were able to get in behind the lions defense throughout the game. The lions were strong in their individual challenges on the field and had some good moments in their transition to defense.

Coach Shane was quoted, “It is always difficult playing back to back games in the weekend and I think it affected our sharpness on the ball and our discipline on defense. I am extremely proud of the U15 boys effort in 2nd part of each half to continue to battle back as a team and it shows a great quality that this team has.

Coach Shane nominated Robbie as the Hope Springs Player of the Game for his leadership on the field and his work ethic on and off the ball.

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