Game Reports and TOW – SEP 6

During memorial day weekend only 3 teams of the Dayton Dutch Lions FC Academy saw action. The U10 Girls, U12 Boys and U14 Girls.

Hope Springs Wellness Center team of the week – Sep 6th:



Game reports – Sep 6th:

Age/Gender: U10 Girls
Location: West Carrollton
Result: L 4-1 (2-0)
Players: Elizabeth H., Quiterie, Madeline, Alivia, Elizabeth S., Reagan, Ashlyn, Grace, Sophia, Isabella
Goal(s): Elizabeth H.
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Elizabeth H.

Defensively, the girls were aggressive and determined fighting for the ball in the middle channel but on the flanks, it was possible to see some lack of aggression and slow recovery runs, which allowed quick plays and counter attacks from the opponent.

Offensively, the young lions had some dangerous situations mainly through individual initiatives but most of the time there was no support to the ball carrier. It was quite interesting to see the girls trying to play out from the back and have the confidence to pass in our defensive half.

Coach Paulo said after the game “At the game today, the girls didn’t play as well as last week. In terms of organization, we showed some difficulties with the field occupation, especially on defense where in some moments we left players unmarked and it was crucial for us. We have to continue working  on that at training  and understand that concept. The determination levels and aggressiveness recovering for the ball are improving week after week and that’s what we want to instill in our team”.

Coach Paulo nominated Elizabeth H. as the Hope Springs Player of the Game and had the following to say: “ Elizabeth played very well. She did an excellent job as GK in the 1st half with a couple of good saves. In the 2nd half, playing as a field player, she brought some speed and aggression to our game”.


Age/Gender: U12 Boys
Location: Warrior Complex
Result: L 4-1
Players: Andrew, Zane, Jack, Jackson, Tyler, Christian, Asher, Sean C, Sean S
Goal: Christian
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Christian

Offensively, the Lions were effective in the attack when they moved quickly and utilized the space on the field. The Lions striker did an excellent job creating the depth on the field, which allowed more space and time for the center mids to connect passes and through balls between the defensive lines.

Defensively, the Lions were much were organized this game and the compact defensive shape provided cover and balance against the opponent’s attack. The Lions need to be aware when defending deep in the defensive third and always need to have pressure on the player with ball and the discipline to contain the player on the ball and to not dive in.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I am proud of the boys effort they put on the field today. It is difficult with limited subs but the team executed their tasks and it allowed us to compete to the final whistle. It was great to see an improvement in our attacking play with our movement off the ball, quick combinations and  through balls created multiple scoring opportunities for the team. Looking forward to getting back to training after a long weekend and to start preparing for the next game!”

Coach Shane nominated Christian as the Hope Springs Player of the Game for his leadership in the central midfield, his work ethic on offense/defense, and scored a brilliant goal from outside the box.


Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Result: 3-2 W
Players: Morgan; Erin; Ilana; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Maddie; Alicia; Emma; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn
Goal(s): Alicia (2); Kira
Hope Springs Player of the game: Alicia

Defensively, the Dutch lions girls team had a positive performance at today’s game. The girls were able to keep a good organization for the majority of the time, removing the space to the opposing team and shifting over according to the ball position. Even when the team had the ball possession, the girls were able to keep the team balanced and ready for the defensive transition. However, we need to be more decisive under pressure and solving the problems without taking too many risks. We need to have a better space occupation of the field especially in the midfield area and to not overly expose our defensive line.

On the ball the team showed some progression compared to the last game. The girls were able to find their options to connect their passes and keep the ball possession longer. During the second half, the young ladies started to use the space better, stretching the opposing defensive line using entire width and the depth of the pitch. Besides the three goals scored, some other clear chances on goal were created and the team needs to be able to capitalize better on those scoring opportunities by being more effective and precise at the finishing moment.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say,” I think today we were more mature than the last couple of games, a clear signal that we are improving and learning from our past mistakes. Today the girls were able to control the game better in terms of ball possession and space occupation.  They have a better understanding of our roles and tasks with and without the ball in this new format (11 versus 11). Even then we have committed some crucial mistakes especially on our defensive half of the field. However, the team never gave up and after being down twice they were able to revert the score thanks to an exemplary attitude and a great work ethic. All the three goals scored happened after a good collective movement, opening the spaces on the opponent defensive line. To conclude coach Lopes said, “Today we’ve nominated Alicia as Hope Springs player of the match, besides being determinant scoring the two last goals she presented a tremendous character, being an example for all of us with her work rate and attitude throughout the game, encouraging her teammates and adjusting her game to the team necessities”

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