Game Reports and TOW – Sep 13

This past weekend was a very busy weekend for the Dayton Dutch Lions FC youth teams with a total of 10 games scheduled and 8 eventually played as 2 where cancelled due to the heavy rain fall Saturday afternoon. This week’s Hope Springs Team of the Week and Game Reports can be found bellow.


Hope Springs Team of the Week:



Game Reports

Age/Gender: U10 Girls
Players: Elizabeth H., Quiterie, Madeline, Alivia, Elizabeth S., Reagan, Ashlyn, Grace, Sophia, Isabella
Hope Springs Player of the game: Elizabeth H. / Quiterie

This weekend the young Lions played 2 games, 1 game on Friday and another on Sunday.

Defensively, in both games, it was possible to see that the Lions were more organized on the field comparing with the previous games. In both games, the girls showed some good reaction after losing the ball, chasing the opponent trying to recover possession. However, the girls showed some struggle and weren’t able to keep up with the opponents pace or slow down the opponents attackers.

Offensively the young lions tried to play and were able in some plays, to connect a few good passes and create some good attacking situations and shots on goal. They showed some progress, in the way they organize themselves in possession of the ball, making the field bigger, and also and trying to play from the back, but still need to improve the support to the ball carrier.

After the games, Coach Paulo said “We had two tough games this weekend but despite scores, the girls are showing some improvement. They are starting to play more as team and be more confident with the ball, which shows some progress. Another aspect they also improved was the pace during the game and their decisions are becoming quicker, which makes me believe we are on the right track”.

Coach Paulo nominated Elizabeth H. (1st game) and Quiterie (2nd game) as the Hope Springs Player of the Game, both for their aggression on the field, positive attitude and work rate attacking and defending.


Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: Lebanon Soccer Complex
Result: 4-2 L
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Danielle; Julia; Lauren; Adler; Marayna
Goals: Nicole (2)
Hope Springs Player of the game: Nicole

Defensively, the Dutch Lions girls had a positive performance, despite some crucial mistakes that ended up with goals conceded. The girls were able to utilize the space well, shifting over according to the ball and reducing the space for the ball carrier. It was nice see some moments of good pressure where the girls were able to move up on the field as a unit forcing some mistakes on the opposing defensive line, especially in the first half of the match. During the second period, the team was not able to keep the same kind of balance.

Offensively, the young Dutch Lions team had two distinct periods. A very good first half, where they were able to move the ball well on the ground, finding the drop passing often to switch the field and avoiding the pressure from our opponent. The first goal happened exactly after one of these situations where after playing in support, the team was able to switch the sides of field finding the opposite winger who scored after beating her marker in a one versus one situation. The second half was completely different, the team was no longer able to find their passing options mostly because of a lack of movement, which allowed the opposing team to play on our own defensive half of the pitch for the majority of the time.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say, ” Like the last game, I think we had a very good first half. The girls were able to do exactly what we’ve been working on last couple of weeks, keeping the ball possession with a nice dynamic and playing in support to switch the field. The first goal was absolutely brilliant, because it was a result of all those situations. After scoring the second goal, we had a few more chances to increase the score. Unfortunately, we were not able to capitalize on those chances properly and after a dominating first half, we were not able to find ourselves during the second period of the game and committed too many mistakes close to our defensive zones.” continuing ” however, i think is important to say that I’m absolutely confident that today we learned from our mistakes and most important from the things we did well and we did a lot of things well during the first half.” To finalize coach Bruno says” Today Nicole was nominated as Hope Springs Player of the Match for her brilliant performance on and off the field, she’s been working really hard since the beginning of the season with a tremendous attitude and today her work was rewarded with two goals.”


Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: Enon Soccer Complex
Result: 4-3 L
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Danielle; Julia; Lauren; Adler; Marayna
Goals: Hope (2); Lauren
Hope Springs Player of the game: Lauren

Defensively, the Dutch Lions girls’ team has a positive performance once again. They were able to keep the balance for the majority of the match with constant support. The young lady’s were able to use the space well, playing compact as unit by reducing the passing lines for the opposing team. However, every mistake committed resulted in a goal conceded, the team needs to be able to keep the same intensity and focus the entire match.

On the ball, the young Lions played well when they were able to find their options to build up from the back, even under pressure the team never lost their idea, moving the ball around on the field with constant movement. It was nice to see the girls using entire width of the pitch to unbalance the opposite defensive organization and create danger. Like the game before, the young Dutch Lions girls were able to play in support, with confidence to keep the ball possession and find the right options connect their game.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say “I think today we had a positive performance, I really believe we deserved a better result if we consider all the aspects of the game. On defense, we were able to keep a good organization and offensively a good dynamic. The girls are getting more confident with our game idea and we are familiarized with the roles and tasks specific of each position but also with the collective organization. There’s still a lot to improve but it is very positive to see the things we’ve been working back on the game. I’m really proud of the girls effort, not just in today’s game but since the beginning of the season at every practice or game.” To conclude coach Bruno added, “Today we’ve nominated Lauren as the Hope Springs Player of the Match. She played an important role on our offensive maneuver, scoring a goal and always being a threat for the defenders. Besides that, she’s being a good team member always encouraging her teammates with a pleasant attitude.”


Age/Gender: U12 Boys
Location: DDL Grass Complex
Result: L 3-2
Players: Andrew, Zane, Jack, Jackson, Tyler, Christian, Asher, Sean C, Sean S, Holden
Goal: Christian (2x)
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Christian

Offensively, the Lions did an excellent job in their counter attack situations and were able to unbalance their opponent by pushing numbers forward and quick transitions. The Lions were able to score off two through ball in behind the high defensive line of the opponent and Christian powered the shots passed the keeper.

Defensively, the Lions have improved tremendously in their defensive responsibilities deep in their own half. Multiple times the Lions defenders were able to recover the ball by the containing attacker and stepping in to win ball or received help from a  covering defender.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I was very happy with our team’s performance today versus a difficult opponent. We had trouble dealing with the speed and strength of the opponent when we played them the first time but were able to contain their attack today with an improved defensive shape and covering defenders that worked hard for their teammates.

Coach Shane nominated Christian as the Hope Springs Player of the Game for his dominance in the attack scoring two goals, his work ethic to recover the ball, and continues to lead his team with a positive attitude.

Age/Gender: U14 Girls
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Result: 3-2 L
Players: Morgan; Erin; Ashley; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Alicia; Emma; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn; Hannah
Goal(s): Emma; Hannah
Hope Springs Player of the game: Ashley

On defense, the Dutch Lions girls’ team had a pleasant performance. The girls were focused and compact keeping a good organization for a majority of the game. It was nice to see moments of good pressure with all the girls involved reducing the time and limiting the options for the ball carrier. However, the team needs to be able to react quickly after losing the ball possession with  more effective defensive transition to avoid the counter attacks and the space inside.

Offensively, the Dutch Lions girls were effective and dangerous in the attack when they moved the ball quickly on the ground using the entire width of the field to unbalance the opposing defensive line and create danger. Besides that, the young ladies were able to explore the space behind the opposing back line with some nice through balls, looking for the wingers or the diagonal movement of the striker. However, the team need to be more confident on the ball, even under pressure they need to be able to find their options to connect their passes and keep the ball possession. For that to happen, it’s important to have constant movement to create those options.

After the game, coach Bruno had the following statement “I’m happy for what the girls did here today. After being two goals behind at the half time,  I was wondering how we would react and it couldn’t be better. We came back strong in the second half with a great energy and a tremendous attitude. It’s nice to see the girls starting to work together on the field as they are getting more confident and recognizing better their roles with and without the ball and at the same time, the game moments. Building a game idea based on passing and ball possession it’s something that will take time, but with hard work and most important, with a better game understanding I believe this team will be on the right track.” To conclude coach Lopes said “Today Ashley was nominated as the Hope Springs Player of the Match for her solid performance balancing the team in the midfield, but also for her attitude on and off the field. Even when she was battling through injury,  she was always present at the practices, listening carefully to all the coaching points and encouraging her teammates, a great example for all of us.”


Age/Gender: U15 Boys Blue
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: L 3-1
Players: Julian, Owen R, Owen M, Evan , Enrico, Dominic M, Dominic C, Nik, John, Triston, Gradey, TJ, Justin, Dimitar, Nick, Luke, Mick, Ethan
Goal(s): Julian
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Owen R.

Offensively, the Lions had difficulties generating offense during the first half due to forcing the ball up the middle to their strong and fast central defenders. The Lions found success they increased their speed of play and utilized the flank areas with penetrating through balls. A goal would finally come late in game from a strong run from the Lions attacker and he calmly slotted the ball low and passed the keeper.

Defensively, the Lions were impressive in their transition to defense with a valiant effort to get numbers behind the ball to contain the opponent’s attack. The ball distribution from the back has also improved and the Lions defenders are gaining more confidence building up in the defensive half. However, the Lions need to release the ball quicker and limit their touches on the ball when building up in the defensive half.

Coach Shane was quoted, “I thought the team reacted well after going down a couple goals early in the game. We made some adjustments at halftime and the team went out a completed their tasks and made the game competitive until the final whistle. The team continues to improve each game and I look forward to getting back to training this week to prepare for our upcoming game.

Coach Shane nominated Owen R. as the Hope Spring Player of the Game for his work ethic on the field, a strong defensive effort, and always leads his team in a positive manner.


Age/Gender: U15 Boys Orange
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: 4-1 W
Players: Luke, Collin, Owen M., Owen R., Tristan, Evan, Simon, Dominic, Robbie, Tommy, John, Romano, Noah, Nick.
Goal(s): John, Tommy, Noah (2)
Hope Springs Player of the game: Noah

When asked to defend, the young lions, in general, were able to deal with any threats and keep the scoring opportunities for the opposition at a minimum.  When asked to intervene, Collin made some good saves, only being beat by a penalty kick. Both of our center backs, Evan and Simon. also had strong performances. It was in the midfield where the lions gave away too much space and were not aggressive enough when pressing the ball. in a different game against a better team could have caused a lot more troubles.

In attack, the lions showed some great combinations and movement of the ball during the first half, scoring 3 very nice goals. The first on the board was John, getting at the end of a nice left footed low cross from Nick and the second goal was a well placed shot from Tommy. The second half showed a different lions team… The energy was low, the combinations disappeared and the opponent actually had the upper hand during long parts in the second half, ending up scoring a goal and creating a couple of other chances. But due to the dribbling and scoring capabilities, Noah was able to utilize the space, demand the ball and score two more goals to settle the game at 4-1.

Coach Sid had the following to say after the game, “To be honest, I have some mixed emotions right now, I am off course happy with the win and the performance of some individuals but I am not happy with our team performance today. After dominating the first half, there is no reason for not doing the same during the second half, but for some reason, our energy dropped, we made poor decisions when we had the ball and at times played some very poor football. I expect more from these boys and they know it.”

As Hope Springs player of the game coach Sid nominated Noah and said, “Noah has some good qualities, as showed today through the 2 goals he scored, but he needs to be more active and dynamic on both sides of the ball, with this I mean I want him to make more runs to be an option for his teammates with the ball and when defending he needs to be more aggressive on the pressure moments.”

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