Game Reports and TOW – Sep 20





Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: McLure Soccer Complex
Result: 5-0 L
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Danielle; Julia; Lauren; Adler; Marayna
Hope Springs Player of the game: Nicole

Defensively the young Dutch Lions girls had a decent performance, they were able to keep a good organization throughout the game playing compact and closing the spaces and options near the ball carrier. It was possible to see the opposing team committing several mistakes on the ball due moments of high pressure from our midfielders and wingers. However, the team struggled with the physically of the match and with a more direct style of soccer, that combined with some individual mistakes dictated the final score.

On the ball the team brought the right energy to the field, the performance was not perfect because a lack of goals however, it was very nice to see the young Dutch Lions team moving the ball at times using the short combinations with constant movement, the midfielders always providing support to keep the ball possession looking to switch the field sides and the through balls reaching the wingers constantly to create danger. Besides that it was also great to see the confidence to build up from the back multiple times, it was really a nice performance with moments of good and well played soccer.

Coach Bruno had the following to say after the game, “To be honest I’m really proud of what we did here today especially on the ball, and proud of these girls. It was by far our best performance so far. The girls were able to connect their game from the back, playing in support looking for the outside channels like we’ve been working on during the practices. Defensively we struggled, not because of the game itself but because of the physicality of the opposing team.” Continuing, “Of course looking on the result stand point, the final score was not great but in this stage of development the process is the most important thing, and these girls proved today that they are assimilating the ideas well, not for immediately success but for a better understanding of the game which with the time will be rewarded and will help these group win often and help each one of these girls reaching their goals on soccer.”

As the Hope Springs player of the Match coach Bruno nominated Nicole and said, “Nicole was absolutely outstanding, very aggressive on defense recovering numerous balls due an high pressure and being a truly headache for the defenders when she had the ball, either by individual initiatives or with constant runs off the ball opening spaces for her team mates.”


Age/Gender: U12 Girls
Location: McLure Soccer Complex
Result: 4-0 L
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Danielle; Julia; Lauren; Adler; Marayna
Hope Springs Player of the game: Ava P.

Defensively, the Lions fought as much as they could to keep the goal intact. However they were not able to contain the pressure and the physicality from the opposing team, besides that, the young ladies space occupation was not good enough, creating too much space in the midfield area, that combined with slow defensive transitions left the defense line exposed several times to the counter attacks.

Offensively, the Dutch Lions girls tried to keep the ball on the ground and find the wingers to avoid the high pressure in the midfield and create danger. However, the aggressiveness of the opposing team combined with a lack of movement and support to the ball carrier, ended up eliminating the team intentions. Even that the ball movement was not the best the young Lions did created a few chances in the last period of the game but unfortunately, the girls weren’t able to capitalize on those chances properly.

Coach Bruno had the following to say after the game, “”well I need to say that after yesterday’s performance, I was expecting more from the game today, Especially when we had the ball possession, if yesterday we were able to move the ball around on the ground with confidence today but we couldn’t, in most of the cases because of a lack of movement and support. On defense the organization was good, but we need to understand that after losing the ball possession we need to be more aggressive and react quick with faster defensive transitions getting numbers behind the ball.” Continuing, ” obviously was not our best performance, but I need to congratulate the team attitude, they never gave up, even losing they tried as much as possible revert the situation”

As the Hope Springs player of the Match coach Bruno nominated Ava P. and said, “ Ava was nominated for her tremendous attitude and character throughout the game, she was our leader inside the field today, very committed to the team in all the moments with constant feedbacks and instructions to her teammates which shows that she’s absorbing and understanding our game idea and this is a clear result of all her work ethic and focus every practice”


Age/Gender: U12 Boys
Location: DDL Grass Complex
Result: L 4-1
Players: Andrew, Zane, Jack, Jackson, Tyler, Christian, Asher, Sean C, Sean S, Holden
Goal: Christian
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Asher/Tyler 

Offensively, the Lions found success in the attacking third when they reached the striker’s feet with time and space for him to turn. Multiple scoring opportunities were created in this situation when the striker distributed the ball out to the flank areas and when he attacked the defender 1v1 to reach the goal. The Lions just missed out on their chances created by not connecting the final pass or by not taking an extra touch to get a better shot.

Defensively, the Lions defensive shape and positioning is much improved and players seem more comfortable and confident on the field. Numerous times the Lions were able to recover the ball with pressure from the defender and a Lions teammate covering the space behind. Goals were conceded on two corner kicks, which the Lions will need to be more organized and stronger in the air to prevent future goals off set pieces this season.

Coach Shane was quoted, “The U12 boys put in a strong effort in today’s game. We had difficult weather conditions that the boys battled through and I was satisfied with my team’s performance. After giving up two quick set piece goals, I thought the boys reacted well with our defense maintaining their composure and our offense gaining momentum as the game went on. We have a ton of potential on this team and I’m looking forward to the teams continued development this season.

Coach Shane nominated Asher and Tyler as the Hope Springs Players of the Game. Asher was an excellent attacking threat in the game and Tyler’s work ethic and ball distribution had a standout performance at outside back.


Age/Gender: U13 Boys
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: W 2-0
Players: Holden, R.J, Max, Connor C., Keaton, Josiah, Aaron, Noah, Ryan R., Dominic, Gabe (U15), Connor B., J.R. George
Goal(s): Josiah, Aaron
Hope Springs Player of the game: Keaton

Defensively, the Lions had a solid game. They tried to stay compact and were supportive to each other, after losing the ball, either pressure the opponent or providing cover to their teammates.

The boys had good moments of fast defensive transitions and ball recovering mainly at the 1st half of the game. Good marking and anticipating play were another positive aspect during this game, but there was a lack of communication in some moments of the game.

Offensively, the Lions displayed confidence with the ball, with good possession and combinations. The boys had moments of great soccer, where after good passes combined with switching the field trying to surprise the opponent. However, in some attacking situations the Lions could have taken more advantage and exploited the space in wide-areas in order to create more dangerous situations on the flanks.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The boys played well today, especially at the 1st half. They are showing sings of confidence with the ball, and working hard on their collective play. Another aspect they are also becoming more confidents is at the moment of finishing our attacking situations. Without ball, our field occupation was good and the defensive line was well coordinated the majority of the game. There are still some aspects to improve, especially the communication on our defensive process, but week after week, the boys are improving, and I’m sure the result today will help to keep them motivated and work even harder”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Keaton, as the Hope Springs Player of the Game and quoted “There was a several players that performed well today, but Keaton stood out playing in 3 different positions and being able to perform well in all of them”.


Age/Gender: U15 Boys Blue
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: L 4-0
Players: Julian, Owen R, Owen M, Evan , Enrico, Dominic M, Dominic C, Nik, John, Triston, Gradey, TJ, Justin, Dimitar, Nick, Luke, Mick,
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Nikolas

Offensively, the Lions had difficulties maintaining possession of the ball due to high pressure and strength of the opponent. The Lions had their best offensive moment when they attacked the space along the wings and were able to get in behind the outside backs. The Lions need to capitalize on those scoring opportunities with better service into the box and creative runs to finish those chances. In the central midfield, the Lions lost possession of the ball on numerous occasions, which resulted in quick counter attacks from the opponent. The Lions need to increase the speed of play and had some quality moments when they moved the ball quickly and switched the field to unbalance the opponent’s defense.

Defensively, the Lions relieved some early pressure from the CUSA attack and were able to maintain some balance after a quick change to the central defense. The Lions outside defenders were strong in their 1v1 challenges and put in a tough effort to contain the speedy attack from the outside wingers. It is crucial that the center back is available to provide cover in case the outside back in beat off the dribble and the defenders on the opposite side are tucked in and opened up to catch the runners in case of a cross.

Coach Shane was quoted after the game, “We have improved tremendously on the technical side with ball but as this game proved today we need to increase our speed of play, movement off the ball and decision making. We are getting caught in possession too much and it is forcing us to defend much more then we need to and giving our opponent goal scoring opportunities that we can prevent. I am very happy with the work ethic and commitment of this team and we will continue working hard on the training field to improve as a team.”

Coach Shane nominated Nikolas as the Hope Springs Player of the Game for a standout performance as outside winger and created the best scoring opportunities for his team. He also worked hard off the ball to position himself defensively to help his teammates recover the ball.

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