DL CUP reports and TOW – SEP 27

This past weekend the Dayton Dutch Lions FC organized the Fall edition of the Dutch Lions Cup, a soccer tournament for youth teams held at the Dayton Dutch Lions FC soccer complex in West Carrollton, OH. From the participating Dutch Lions FC teams the U12 Girls and the U15 Boys Orange made the final with the U15’s winning their division and crowning themselves DL CUP Champions. You can read the tournament reports from all our participating teams and the Team of the Week below.






Team: U12 Girls
Record: 2-2-0
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Adler; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Marayna; Danielle; Julia; Lauren

This past weekend, the U12 girls’ team was involved in the Dutch Lions Cup. During the tournament they faced the competition from Cincy SC Elite, Brookville Blue Crew and Butler Fury during the group stage and Cincy SC Premier in the final.

The first game on Saturday was a pretty open match besides the 7 goals scored by both teams, many other chances were created which reveals that both teams played an attacking game style always with the goal in their minds. Unfortunately, a lack of accuracy and calm in the last moment to finish those opportunities was crucial for the Dutch Lions girls dictating a 4-3 defeat as final score. Besides the goals, the team presented a good collective dynamic always trying to build their game up from the back based on short combinations and constant support.

During the second game on Saturday, the team showed more maturity and character controlling all the game moments (offense and defense). They were able to keep a solid defensive organization throughout the match closing all the spaces for the opponent’s build up and attacking situations. On the ball the young girls had the right intention to play, always looking for their options on the outside space and supporting the ball carrier. After the final whistle, the young ladies reached their first victory of the weekend with a convincing 3-1 as final score.

On Sunday, the team played against Butler Fury looking for a spot in the final. The girls had a strong start to the game opening the score minutes after the initial whistle, result of a sequence of nice combinations. After that initial impact the team settled their game trying to have more control of the match, especially during the first half. During the second period of the match, the young Dutch Lions team lost their ideal and consequently the ball possession resulted from more intense pressure from our opponent and also a more direct style of play, which basically took the midfielders out of the match. However, the girls were able to react by scoring their second goal near to the end of the match, reaching their way to the final with 6 points.

At the final, the Dutch Lions team faced the Cincy SC Premier. The girls knew exactly what to expect and were aware of the difficulties of the match. They had a good beginning and during that period of time were able to create a couple of chances to score. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and after a counter attack situation, Cincy SC opened the score and a few minutes later scored their second goal with a long distance kick, which gave them more confidence to control the game. However, the young girls never gave up, and even losing they showed personality and character always trying to build up from the back and using the entire space (width and depth) to move the ball on the pitch. At the end, the team and all their efforts were rewarded with a great goal.

After the tournament Coach Bruno said, “first of all, I would like to say that I’m really proud of these young girls, they were amazing this weekend, they brought the right energy and attitude for this tournament. Before the final I told them that winning or losing we will walk out of here with our head up and that was exactly what happened. This group of girls have came a long way together since the beginning of the season. It’s really nice to see as a coach the things we have been working on during the week coming back on the game. This final is a result of all their work and effort every day at the field, and of course there’s still a lot to be done and improve such as defensive organization and ball possession per example, but step by step I think we are walking in the right direction.”


Team: U12 Boys
Record: 0-2-1
Players: Andrew, Zane, Jack, Tyler, Jackson, Christian, Sean C, Asher, Sean S, Daniel, David Darren

The Dayton Dutch Lions U12 boys participated in the 5th annual DL Fall Cup this past weekend and competed against Club Ohio, OESC 05, and Metro FC.

The first game of the tournament the Lions faced off against Club Ohio. Offensively, the Lions had difficulties maintaining possession of the ball due to the speed and strength of the opponent. The speed of play on the ball was not quick enough, which resulted in turnovers and halted all momentum for the Lions offense. On defense, the Lions were strong in their defensive challenges and worked hard to cover their teammates. The Lions maintained a solid defensive shape but had a tough task matching up against the speedy attack.

OESC 05 was the next opponent for the Lions and were looking to improve their team performance from the earlier game. Offensively, the Lions were much more active and productive in the offensive half. The speed of play from the Lions was much faster and were able to keep possession of the ball in longer spells, which resulted in scoring opportunities on the offensive end. Defensively, the Lions were matched up against yet another speedy attack but were much more technical with the ball. The defensive transition from the Lions was excellent and they put in a valiant effort to recover on the field to get numbers behind the ball.

The final game of the DL Cup was against Metro FC and were looking to close out the weekend on a positive note. Offensively, the Lions had their best game of the tournament and displayed a dynamic attack full of confidence. The wingers did a great job providing the width on the field and anticipating the through balls behind the defensive line, which resulted in crosses into the box and shots on goal. On defense, the Lions were much more disciplined in their defensive responsibilities and limited the scoring opportunities for their opponent.

Coach Shane said after the tournament, “We had a fantastic weekend at the Dutch Lions Cup and I was happy with the U12 boys progression each game. The U12 boys seemed to improve in all areas each game and we concluded the tournament with an exciting game against Metro FC! Tournaments are always filled with great experiences and memories and I hope the boys enjoyed the weekend. Looking forward to the Haunted Classic tournament in the next few weeks!


Team: U13 Boys
Record: 2-1-0
Players: Braxton, Holden, RJ, Max, Connor C, Keaton, Josiah, Aaron, Noah, Ryan R, Dominic, Ryan C, Connor B, J.R. George

During the weekend, on day 1, the U13 Boys started the tournament with an early game, facing the Cincy SC ending the game with a win for the Lions. The Lions practically began playing on advantage with an early goal scored by Aaron at the 3rd minute of the game. With absolute control of the game, very efficient ball possession and a huge amount of scoring opportunities created, the boys ended up scoring 2 more goals by Connor C.

At the 2nd game, the Lions faced off against Butler United 04 and boys and started motivated to play with the same attitude and confidence as they played in their early game. The game was pretty even and with a 0-0 at the half time, the boys went to the 2nd half willing to win this game but in a break away, the Butler’s team scored the only goal at the game. Despite the chances created and a clear opportunity to tie the game close to the final whistle, this game ended with a loss for the Lions.

On the 2nd day and still hoping to play the Finals, the Lions faced the Miami West in another good collective performance. With a 1-0 at the half time for the Lions, they stepped on the field for the 2nd half with their motivational levels even higher and dominated the game scoring 3 more goals in a good collective performance. The goals were scored by Ryan R., Ryan C. and Connor B. (2).

Coach Paulo said after the game “It was a great weekend of soccer for us. In the 3 games played, we scored 7 goals, 2 clean sheets and only conceded 1 goal. Our Gk’s and defensive line did a really good job, working together, talking, supporting and cover each other, as well as very participative on the offensive process. Our midfields very organized and confident with ball with a very efficient ball circulation; and pressing, closing the spaces without ball, and our forwards very efficient capitalizing the chances created. I’m pretty sure these games and results will have a very positive impact on us and give the team an extra motivation for the upcoming games”.


Team: U14 Girls
Record: 0-3-0
Players: Morgan; Ilana; Hannah; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Maddie; Alicia; Emma; Ashley; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn

This past weekend, the U14 girls’ team played in the Dutch Lions Cup. During the tournament they faced opposition from Tempest FC, FC Tippecanoe and Butler Furry.

Saturday’s first game was against the Tempest FC team, a good soccer game with two teams trying to play with the ball on the ground with the right intention. The girls have created some good chances to score especially when they utilized the entire width to unbalance the opposing defensive organization. Unfortunately, they weren’t able capitalize those chances what was eventually decisive in the final score.

The second game was against FC Tippecanoe, a very physical game without many spaces and time to play due a high and intense pressure from the opponent. However, the team showed some moments of good soccer, especially in the first half where the girls found the through balls after good combinations in the midfield. During the second half, the young Lions were not able to find their passes, because of a lack of movement not providing the necessary options to the ball carrier, which made the team lose the ball possession numerous times in their own half of the pitch exposing the defensive line too many times.

On Sunday, the team played against Butler Fury, the team had a nice beginning very organized and with a good ball circulation, looking for the wingers as the main alternative to take the ball out of pressure and create danger. After that period the team lost their focus and that was enough for the opposing team find their spaces and to open the score. The girls had a pretty good reaction and even losing they fought back trying to impose their game ideas on the field, which was possible to see during some moments, but not constant enough to reverted the score.

After the tournament Coach Bruno had the flowing statement, “I think that competing against this type of teams only helps us to get better. Obviously the results were not what we wanted however the girls did their best and in all the games they had some good moments of soccer. We just need to be more consistent. I also think that we need to be a little bit more aggressive into the individual duels and be less reactive, sometimes we wait for the ball instead of running to it which allows the opposition to anticipate our players too many times.” To conclude “Now is time to back to work and focus on the things we did well and reinforce them, and at the same time realize and improve what we did wrong, this is a learning process and like anything else it takes time and work”


Team: U15 Boys Orange
Record: 3-0-1
Players: Luke, Collin, Simon, Evan, Triston, Owen M., Aaron, Dominic, Robbie, John, Tommy, Noah, Nick, Matthey S. (Injured: Matthew E. & Gabe)

During the tournament the U15 Boys Orange team faced opposition from the Dayton Dutch Lions U15 Boys Blue team, Cinci SC and Springfield Thunder.

The first game, against the DDL FC U15 Boys was a game between friends and familiar faces. A game that flowed both ways and everyone involved was trying to do the right thing. Goals scored by Nick, Tommy, Aaron and Noah put the end score of 4-0 on the board and the first win of the tournament was a fact.

The 2nd game could put the lions with one foot in the final if they were able to get the win and keep a clean sheet. So the goal was clear and the boys delivered. Despite a difficult game where the team from Cincinnati played very defensively, closed down the spaces fast and did not give the young lions much time on the ball the result at half time was 1-0. The second half showed a lion’s team with quicker ball circulation and better decision making what resulted in many chances and 3 more goals (Simon (2) and Dominic).

With two wins, 8 goals scored and 2 clean sheets on Saturday, the lions faced the Springfield Thunder early on Sunday morning, knowing that a tie would put them in the final but the goal was, as always; secure the win and the three points. Unfortunately a bad first half followed, with many bad decisions, mistakes and a ton of missed chance the score at half was a surprising 1-1 tie. During the second half the team improved and dominated possession but was unable to find the back of the net, despite the many chances created and the game finished in a tie. A tie meant a place in the final against the same team from Springfield at that afternoon.

For the final the boys where pumped and motivated to show that the morning result was a fluke and the final game was dominated by the young lions from start to finish. Ten goals where scored by Dominic (2), Simon (2), Nick (2), Noah, Tommy, Owen and Evan and many other chances where created. Luke, Collin and the defenders got the third clean sheet of the tournament and the lions won the DL CUP Championship!

Coach Sid said after the tournament, “It was a beautiful weekend, the weather was great, we scored many goals, played good soccer and we won the cup, what else can someone ask for! I wasn’t always as happy with our movement of the ball and defensive positioning and marking but the level of play was good enough for us to win this weekend and I am happy with that. Now we have to continue to work hard as we have a much more difficult challenge ahead of us with league games coming up and a tough division in the Haunted Classic in a few weeks. ”


 Team: U15 Boys Blue
Record: 1-1-1
Players: Mick, Owen, Enrico, Dimitar, Jason, Dominic C, Ethan, Dominic M, Julian, Gradey, Nik, TJ, Justin, Tyler, Ryan, Jason

The Dayton Dutch Lions U15 Boys Blue competed in the DL Fall Cup this past weekend and faced off against the DDL U15 Boys Orange, Springfield Thunder, and Cincy SC.

The first game of the tournament the Lions played against the DDL U15 Boys Orange in an exciting game to kick off the weekend. Offensively, the Lions were limited in their scoring opportunities and could not maintain possession of the ball due to the high pressure of the DDL U15 Orange. On defense, the Lions put in a strong effort and were much more improved in their defensive transition and tasks from previous games.

The Lions next opponent was Springfield Thunder and needed a win or tie to have a chance at making the finals. Offensively, the Lions displayed a dynamic attack from the first whistle. Midfielders did an excellent job dictating the offense by distributing the ball out to the wingers and sent creative through ball between the defensive lines. The Lions maintained the pressure throughout the game but just missed out on the go-ahead goal. Defensively, the Lions communication and leadership from the central defenders kept the team organized and growing with confidence as the game went on. The defense would earn a shutout and the game ended in a 0-0 tie.

The final game featured the DDL U15 boys blue vs. Cincy SC in a must win game to make the finals but also needed a result from the other game. Offensively, the Lions showcased their best effort of the tournament and finished their chances in front of goal. The game would finish with goals coming from Nik (2x), Gradey (2x), TJ, and Jason to complete a fantastic game offensively. On defense, the Lions would post another shutout and solid team performance to end the tournament.

Coach Shane said after the tournament, “The boys exceeded all my expectations this weekend and I am very proud of the team! We improved each game and you could see the team gaining more confident as the tournament went on the final game really showed the potential this team has to offer. I continue to tell them the commitment and work ethic this team has is fantastic and it is a great group of players to work with. Looking forward to getting back to training to prepare for the upcoming league games and tournaments!

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