Game reports and TOW – Oct 4

After a busy weekend at the Dutch Lions CUP all teams returned to league play this past weekend. Read the game reports and TOW below.




Team: U10 Girls
Location: West Carrollton
Result: L 6-1 (2-1)
Players: Reagan, Elizabeth H., Quiterie, Madeline, Alivia, Elizabeth S., Ashlyn, Grace, Sophia, Isabella
Goal(s): Elizabeth H.
Hope Springs Player of the game: Elizabeth H.

Defensively, the girls struggled defending on the flanks, leaving or not falling back to mark the opponent wingers. Nevertheless, the girls are improving on their individual defensive skills and we saw some good tackles during this game. Their aggression and physical play are also aspects that have been improving.

Offensively, the girls were very fast on their transitions and had a couple of good chances to score with some dangerous shots on goal during the 1st half, but unluckily weren’t able to capitalize. Our field organization and passing is improving and the girls are showing some confidence trying to play out from the back.

After the game, Coach Paulo said, “Today we played two different games. At the first half, we were more organized and aggressive on the ball and it allowed us to have more chances to score. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to keep the same performance after the half time. At this point, I see the girls more involved in the game with attacking and defending which is essential in a collective sport”.

Coach Paulo nominated Elizabeth H. as the Hope Springs Player of the Game and said “Elizabeth was a constant threat to the opponent goal. Her aggressiveness and fast pace allowed us to create several attacking situations. Her sportsmanship and commitment were also very positive”.


Team: U12 Boys
Location: West Carrollton Soccer Complex
Result: L 4-0 (2-0)
Players: Sean C, Zane, Jack, Jackson, Tyler, Christian, Asher, Sean S., Andrew, Wyatt
Hope Springs Player of the game: Jackson

Defensively, the boys were organized in their defensive shape during most of the game and seemed to be comfortable in their positions. It was visible some lack of aggressiveness pressuring the ball carrier especially in the midfield sector, giving too much space to the opponents dribble towards our goal and some lack of coordination on the defensive line, which showed some difficulty in staying compact and pushing up as a unit. However, the defensive line proves to be very strong on individual duals and very supportive with good covers and defensive runs.

Offensively, the Lions did some good passing and tried to play with most of their dangerous situations created through individual initiatives. The Lions could have exploited more of their game through the flanks and use the width of the field to utilize their speed on the wings.

Coach Paulo said after the game “It was fun coaching the boys during this game, with Coach Shane absent today. We conceded two goals at the 1st half in 2 situations that we could have avoided and ended up being crucial for us, but the boys had a good attitude and at the 1st half with a 2-0 score line, we had 2 great chances to score and tie the game before the half time and I’m pretty sure that would have changed the course of the game.”

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Jackson as the Hope Springs Player of the Game and had the following to say, “Jackson played very well on defense. He was very focused on the game and always available to provide good cover to the other players. He also had some great defensive runs recovering the ball when the opponent was already prepared to finish”.


Team: U12 Girls
Location: McLure Soccer Complex
Result: 7-2 L
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Danielle; Julia; Lauren; Adler; Marayna
Goal(s): Mia; Lauren
Hope Springs Player of the game: Adler

Defensively, the young Dutch Lions girls had a decent performance especially in terms of organization; they were able to keep a good shape for the majority of the match. They were very focused and with quick defensive transitions recovering quickly to their positions on the field after losing the ball possession. However, the young girls weren’t able to sustain the high pressure and mainly due to the physicality of the opposing team, which at the end of the day made the difference on the scoreboard.

Offensively, the Dutch Lions girls had a very good performance. They were able to build up from the back multiple times, showing confidence and knowing exactly what to do with the ball. The passing game was also very positive, the young ladies had always the right intention to play with constant movement providing the ball carrier options to keep the ball possession. Most of the time, the midfielders were able to play in support and switching the field sides looking for the through balls to create danger.

Coach Bruno had the following to say after the game, “I think that we played a very positive match today, similar to what we did last weekend during the tournament. The girls showed a tremendous attitude and confidence especially on the ball, even under pressure they never stop looking for the right option to connect our game. I think the difference today was based on the physicality of the other team, but soccer wise I think the girls were better and of course with some mistakes here but they were able to keep a good composure throughout the match with a very good passing game and great collective dynamic. I’m very proud of the development of this young team and all the girls in particular, they have come a very long way together and I’m sure that if they keep working with the same attitude and determination, some good things will be ahead for us.”

As the Hope Springs player of the Match coach Bruno nominated Adler and said, “I decided to nominate Alder not only for her solid performance on our defense here today, but mainly for all her work ethic since the beginning of the season. She is improving day after day especially tactically as result of her desire to learn and improve at every training session.”


Team: U13 Boys
Location: West Carrollton DOC
Result: L 1-0 (1-0)
Players: Braxton, Holden, R.J, Max, Connor C., Keaton, Josiah, Aaron, Noah, Ryan R., Ryan C., Dominic, Connor B., J.R. George,
Hope Springs Player of the game: R.J.

Defensively, the Lions had a good performance. The defensive line showed good organization and aggressiveness on the ball but on the other hand, there was some lack of aggressiveness in the midfield. Overall, the defensive organization was positive with the boys being very communicative among each other and determined on individual duels. Marking, covering, and anticipating plays were positive aspects on this game, mainly during the 1st half.

Offensively, the Lions had moments of good ball possession but weren’t able to perform so well and keep the same level as previous games, using the space on the flanks to create their attacking situations and increase the pace of the game. They also showed some sluggishness to release the ball, which allowed the opponent team to recover defensively.

Coach Paulo said after the game “Due to solid team performances in previous games this season, honestly I was expecting a little bit more from the boys especially in our offensive process, but we cannot perform well every single game. Our defensive work rate is improving a lot and proof of that is we only conceded 1 goal in the last 4 games we played. As I already have said previously, we are on the right track and I believe next game the team will return to the good performances”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated R.J., as the Hope Springs Player of the Game and quoted “R.J. did very well today. His leadership and communication skills are growing and it’s been crucial to keep our defensive line focused and organized. At today’s game, he performed well with good defensive runs and cover to the outside backs and was very focused, which allowed him to anticipate some plays”.


Team: U14 Girls
Location: McLure Soccer Complex
Result: 3-2 W
Players: Ashley; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Alicia; Emma; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn; Hannah; Maddie; Ilana
Goal(s): Emma (2); Maddie
Hope Springs Player of the game: Kira

On defense, the Dutch Lions girls’ team presented a solid performance. The girls were focused and kept a good organization throughout the match. They were able to press high several times forcing a lot of mistakes on the opposing defensive line. Besides that, they have utilized the space well by staying compact as a unit, which removed the space for the opponent build their game especially inside of our own half of the pitch. The transition moments were also important as The young Lions were able to react quickly after losing the ball possession, either pressuring the ball carrier or recovering their defensive positions on the field.

Offensively, the Dutch Lions girls were able to keep finding the right options to connect their passing game, mostly due an a constant movement providing those same options. It was nice to see the girls utilizing the width of the pitch with some good overlaps from the outside backs and the striker looking for the space between the lines creating a lot of problems to the opposing defensive line. The midfielders played an important role on the team offensive process, providing support and switching the field sides taking the ball out of the pressure zones. Besides the three goals scored, more chances were created precisely because of a good collective dynamic and a solid passing game.

After the game coach Bruno had the following statement “I’m really happy with our performance today. Besides the score, the girls were able to raise their game to a different level and were very confident on the ball looking for the right options to connect their passing game maintaining focus and organized on defense with great energy and discipline. I think that was our best performance so far, and this is a result of the hard work during the training sessions. I think with the time they are become more conscious of their roles individually and collectively, recognizing what the team needs from them in every situation, which will help the girls playing with more confidence.”

As Hope Springs player of the match coach Bruno nominated Kira and said” Kira was absolutely amazing out here today, especially as outside back. She was very focused and well positioned, winning all the individual duels and with a tremendous confidence to move up on the field and participating on our offensive dynamic either with overlaps or providing options to play in support”


 Team: U14 Girls
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Result: 5-1 L
Players: Ashley; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Ema; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn; Hannah; Maddie; Ilana & Nicole S.; Hope; Ava P. (U12 Girls team)
Goal(s): Emma
Hope Springs Player of the game: Ema

Defensively, the Dutch Lions girls team had two distinct periods. During the first half, they were not able to keep the ball away from our defensive areas and the midfielders were too far away for our back line exposing the defenders to a tremendous amount of work. After a few adjustments at the half time, the girls were able to fix those situations and pull out a solid performance during the second half playing very focused and with a good organization. We were more compact with all the players being part of the defensive process with more aggressiveness, reducing the space inside and the time on the ball for the opposing team.

Offensively, the team had also two different moments. During the first 35 minutes the girls were not able to keep the possession or connect their passes, mainly because a lack of ability to hold the ball up front and also movement, leaving the ball carrier without options a majority of the time. After the break, the young girls have brought a completely different attitude, much more confident and dynamic on the ball, keeping the ball possession for longer periods and using the entire width of the field to connect their passing game and unbalance the opposing defensive line.

After the game coach Bruno had the following statement “Today we didn’t have the best start of the game but we ended up strong. During the first half, we didn’t have enough confidence and dynamic to hold the ball on offense, which made us spend most of that time inside of our defensive half of the field. After the break, we came out strong and the girls showed a terrific attitude and we were able to move the ball on the ground with a good passing game, looking for the short combinations instead of the long balls. I think this is the road and the girls are assimilating the ideas very well. This second half and yesterday’s game are the proof the girls were able to present us with some really good moments of soccer. Also a side note, I am proud of the three girls from our U12 team who came here today to help and experiment a different reality.”

As Hope Springs player of the match coach Bruno nominated Ema and said” I have decided to nominate Ema not just for her game today but for her performances over the season. She’s been improving gradually every week especially on her finishing moment, as a result of a tremendous attitude and work ethic.”



Team: U15 Boys Blue
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: T 0-0
Players: Luke, Owen R, Jason, Dominic C, Dimi, Mick, Dominic M, Owen M, Julian, Gradey, TJ, Nikolas, Justin, Triston, Enrico
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Jason

Offensively, the Lions had trouble maintaining possession of the ball due to the physical strength and speed of the opponent. The Lions had some success on the ball when they moved it quickly and utilized the width of the field. Quick combination plays bypassed the pressure from the opponent but due to a compact defensive shape a majority of the game, the Lions attack lacked options when they were able to recover the ball.

Defensively, the Lions put in a valiant effort throughout the game and were disciplined in their positioning to contain the opponent’s attack. The Lions shifted as a unit to close down the spaces and were always in the right positions to cover their teammates. A fantastic team performance on the defensive end to preserve the shutout and earned a draw against the top team in the division.

Coach Shane said after the game, “A busy weekend for the U15 Boys at the Battle Real Tournament and league game against division leaders Lakota SC. I was satisfied with our tournament results earning a victory and could not be more proud of our boys performance against Lakota! Preparation now continues for our league game this weekend ad the Haunted Classic the following week!

Coach Shane nominated Jason as the Hope Springs Player of the Game for his leadership on the defensive line and continues to improve technically and tactically on the field.


Team: U15 Boys Orange
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: T 1-1
Players: Luke, Collin, Simon, Evan, RJ (U13B), Owen, Triston, Connor (U13B), Robbie, Dominic, Tommy, Nick, Noah, Aaron
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Simon

Coach Sid said after the game, “It was an OK game today from everyone with an OK performance and an OK result… I just wonder how much better we could be if we come out of the blocks with 100% energy, work rate and dynamism and then hold on to it for the full game. We need to be more aggressive to get the ball back and do more with it when we have it. This means that, defensively, I want to see tighter marking trough out the field, giving the opposition less time on the ball and closing down spaces while in attack we have to be more dynamic and explosive with our runs and provide our midfielders with more options than just the deep ball. The boys try to play good soccer, especially when connecting passes from the back but the tempo and energy levels, both on offense as in defense, are to low and we need to show more if we want to dominate games at this level and keep progressing as players and as a team.”

Sid nominated Simon as HP player of the game and commented the following, “Simon is a very important player for this team as he possesses a natural speed and athleticism that make a big difference at this level but he is also a very technical and smart player, as proven from his free kick goal today. I would like to see him work on his quick transition from the back, long pass and generic communication as these would be very beneficial for his game.

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