Game reports and TOW – Oct 11

With the Fall season in full swing it was a light weekend for the Dayton Dutch Lions FC youth teams with only 6 games, 2 from the U10 Girls and U13 Boys and 1 from each U15 Boys team.




Team: U10 Girls
Location: Oak Grove / West Carrollton
Result: L 5-1 / L 12-0
Players: Reagan, Quiterie, Madeline, Alivia, Elizabeth S., Ashlyn, Grace, Sophia, Isabella
Goal(s): Alivia
Player of the game: Ashlyn / Elizabeth S.

This weekend the young Lions played 2 games with 1 on Friday and the other on Saturday.

Defensively in both games the girls played, despite the struggle, they are improving their organization as a team. Playing against teams physically stronger than the Lions, the girls showed some difficulties to keep up with the other team’s pace and to slow down their opponents initiatives but they are improving their skills individual and as a team.

Offensively the young lions tried as much as they can keep a good organization on the field, pass the ball and play from the back, which they are continuing to improve each game. It was possible to see over the weekend some good individual initiatives that allowed the team to accelerate the game as well as good combinations.

After the games, Coach Paulo said “These games were tough for us, especially our game on Saturday. These girls are showing a great attitude every single game and they put a lot of effort every time they step on the field. Obviously, it becomes harder for them when they face opponents physically stronger and faster, but they are doing there best, learning, having fun and that is what I’m expecting from them as a Coach”.

Coach Paulo nominated Ashlyn as the Hope Springs Player of the Game on Friday’s game and Elizabeth S. on Saturday’s game both for their improvement, aggression on the field, work rate and great sportsmanship.


Team: U13 Boys
Location: Hobson – Green County / West Carrollton DOC
Result: W 3-1 / T 1-1
Players: Braxton, Holden, R.J, Max, Connor C., Keaton, Josiah, Aaron, Noah, Ryan R., Ryan C., Dominic, Connor B., J.R. George, Christian (U12)
Goal(s): Ryan R. (2), Ryan C. (1) / Ryan R.
Player of the game: Ryan R. / Ryan C.

The Lions played two games this weekend with one game on Saturday and another game on Sunday.

On Saturday’s game, the Lions started the game very focused, organized and very supportive not allowing the opposing team to create situations of danger and only two shots made at the Lions goal. In some moments of the game due to a lack of pressure on the ball in the midfield sector, the opponent became more dangerous with the ball and it was a game situation that the DDL team improved after half time.

On Sunday’s game, another good performance for the Lions where they didn’t allowed the opponent team to create any chances to score. Good defensive transitions, pressure on ball, persistence and supports were the positive aspects from the game.

Offensively, there was a common theme in the two games, the Lions were the team with better ball possession and the team with the most number of goal scoring opportunities.

The boys had some really good passing and combination plays and managed to speed up the game many times. In both games, most of the dangerous situations were created by through balls to get in behind the opponent defense, but looking at the amount of chances created, the boys were very ineffective capitalizing on those moments.

Coach Paulo said after the game “This weekend the boys had two good collective performances. On Saturday’s game we found ourselves 1-0 down at a time we had a game controlled and the first shot on our goal from a set-piece, the opponent scored. The boys showed a great attitude and effort and we came back and won the game 3-1. On Sunday’s game we had the same situation. We played well and controlled the game and created our chances with several shots on goal but we weren’t able to find the back of the net. The first shot the opponent team made against us, they scored as it had also happened the day before. We never gave up and fought until the final whistle and 3 minutes before the final whistle, we equalized the game”.

After the game, Coach Paulo nominated Ryan R., as the Hope Springs Player of the Game on Saturday’s game for his attacking work rate and 2 goals scored that were decisive to win the game.

Regarding Sunday’s game Coach Paulo nominated Ryan C. an quoted “Ryan C. played well, he was a constant threat for the opponents and had several good chances to score but unfortunately he could not find the back of the net. For his attitude and determination throughout the game, he deserves that”.


Team: U15 Boys Blue
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: L 2-0
Players: Collin, Owen R, Jason, Simon, Dominic C, Triston, Ethan, Dominic M, Julian, Nikolas, Gradey, TJ, Dimitar, Enrico, Mick
Hope Springs Man of the Match: Dominic M

Offensively, the Lions showed confidence with the ball by moving it up the field with quick combinations to maintain possession. A few moments the Lions were able to penetrate the Ohio Fusion defensive line with through balls to the wingers and were able to execute an end product with a shot on goal or a cross into the box. Unfortunately, the Lions could not create enough dangerous chances to tally a goal and were held scoreless as the end result.

Defensively, the Lions had a strong performance and showed discipline in their defensive responsibilities and positions. The Lions are becoming much more aggressive in the defensive third and always put in the extra effort to cover their teammates. Ohio Fusion would eventually break the score line with a strong shot from outside the 18 yd box by found the corner of the goal.

Coach Shane had the following to say, “The last 2 weekends we have played the top 2 teams in our division and we had positive results in both matches! It really shows how far this team has come since the beginning of the season and I am proud of the development they have made. We are all looking forward to another competitive weekend at this weekend’s Haunted Classic!

Coach Shane nominated Dominic M as the Hope Springs Player of the Game excellent performance in the center midfield. He was effective on the ball with the right ideas, strong defensive effort to recover the ball for his teammates, and showcased his leadership qualities on the field.


Team: U15 Boys Orange
Location: DOC Stadium
Result: W 2-0
Players: Collin, Luke, Simon, Evan, Triston, Owen, Aaron, Dominic, Robbie, John, Tommy, Nick B., Noah, Julian (U15 Boys Blue), Nick A. (U15 Boys Blue.
Hope Springs Man of the Match: Noah

Facing the then number 1 team in the division the Lions knew they would have to put together a strong team performance to be able to challenge for the win, and they did…

When on defense the the lions kept their lines tight and close together catching the opponent in offside position a few times and when asked to intervene, GK Luke made a few good saves to keep the goal clean. The midfielders where actively concerned to stay on their marks and won back possession in key moments.

When in attack the lions have accustomed everyone to a style of play that consists of a lot of short combinations but today, added to that, it was crucial to execute at a higher pace to be able to outplay the opponents. The first goal, scored in the first half, was a beautiful combination of multiple passes and movement ending with a great through ball from Nick B. and a calm finish from Noah. During the second half a well placed shot, outside of the box, by Simon sealed the deal and set the score on the board.

Coach Sid after the game said, “Registering a clean sheet and scoring two goals against one of the best teams in the division is great for us and should give us the confidence that if we keep working hard and progressing as a group we can play against anybody and belong in the top of this division. Now it is important that we hold on to this attitude going in to a tournament this weekend that is going to challenge us at a whole different level. I am looking forward what the boys can do there.”

About Noah being nominated as player of the game coach said, “Many had strong performances today but I would like to highlight Noah due to his continuous work rate, availability to play multiple positions and off course his well finished goal that gave us the confidence to stick to our game plan and pull out a win.”

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