Tourney Reports and TOW – OCT 18

This past weekend all Dayton Dutch Lions FC youth teams participated in the Haunted Classic. Spread out over different levels and divisions all teams did well with the highlight going to the U13 Boys who made the final.

Haunted Classic TEAM OF THE WEEK



Haunted Classic GAME REPORTS

Team: U10 Girls
Record: 0-2-1
Players: Reagan, Quiterie, Madeline, Alivia, Elizabeth S., Ashlyn, Sophia, Isabella, Linsdey

During the tournament the U10 Girls team faced opposition from the AW United 2007 Black, WVFC Academy, and Southwest Swarm 07 Black.

On the 1st game, the girls faced off against AW United 2007 Black and it was very exciting game from the lions girls, with several good passes and individual initiatives with the girls showing confidence trying to play good soccer.

The girls were very assertive on defense. This game ended up with a 1-1 tie and the lions goal was scored by Lindsey.

At the 2nd tournament game, the girls stepped on the field with the usual positive attitude and demonstrated some improvement on their field occupation. The girls worked hard and created some good initiatives but lacked some support to the player with ball, in order to create some numbers up situations.

Playing against a faster and strong team, the young lions fought until the final whistle but this game ended up with an 8-0 loss for the lions girls.

On the 2nd Tournament day, the U10 Girls played their 3rd game and was another exciting game where the Lions worked really hard together and showed that they are improving as a team with all the players supporting each other. The girls showed confidence playing out from the back and created most of their attacking situations by the flanks where they were able to increase the pace of the game, but despite of all the effort and hard work, the young lions ended up defeated 4-0.

Coach Paulo said after the game “This tournament was very positive and a good experience for the girls. It was their 1st Tournament of the season where they played 3 games in 2 days.

We have been competing against teams physically much stronger than us, and in this tournament we faced teams with similar level than us. It was possible to see their improvement since the beginning of the season, their confidence with the ball and continuing to see that they are assimilating what we have been working in our practices and makes me believe this will be a very competitive group”.


Team: U12 Girls
Record: 1-2-0
Players: Mia; Rachel; Laura; Ava P.; Adler; Hope; Shiloh; Nicole; Ava B.; Alyvia; Marayna; Danielle; Julia; Lauren

This past weekend, the U12 girls participated in the BSA Haunted Classic tournament. During the weekend they faced opposition from NWC, Soccer Vision Academy and OP Green.

The first game on Saturday, the young Dutch Lions team faced the NWC girls. The young Lions dominated the entire match in all the moments, very focused on defense with a compact and solid organization and very dynamic on the ball using the entire width. Multiple times it was possible to see the Lions team building from the back based on a nice passing game with confidence and conscious of what to do with the ball.

Saturday’s afternoon game was a little bit unusual, the Dutch Lions started the game well, trying to find their combinations and reaching the wingers to create danger near the opposing defense. However, a higher level of aggressiveness of our opponent ended up making the difference, yet the young Lions never stopped looking forward trying to keep their ideal, very conscious of the space and zones of the field.

Sunday, the team has presented another very positive performance with a very organized defense with the midfielders playing an important role, keeping the team balanced and connected, which reduced the space inside for our opponent build their game. On the ball, the team was very thoughtful, knowing that the space inside was nonexistent so they instead utilized the outside channels as much as possible to keep the ball out of pressure and create danger. Some clear chances to open the score were created, but a lack of speed of execution in that last moment allowed the opponent to recover on the field to avoid the goal.

After the tournament, Coach Bruno had the following to say, “Overall I think we had positive tournament. We faced good competition, teams with different strengths what made us better than we were before. Despite the second game, where the physicality and the speed of our opponent made the difference, the other two games the girls played really well and it’s really nice to see them coming along together and trying to do exactly what we have been working at practice. I think our game idea is becoming more solid and our passing game much more consistent. The girls are now able to understand the game better and its moments, which allows us to have a better control of the game. We are definitely on the right track and we need to keep working hard with the same attitude knowing that we still have long way to go”


Team: U12 Boys
Record: 0-2-1
Players: Andrew, Zane, Tyler, Jack, Christian, Noah, Sean S, Asher, Sean C, Wyatt, Bobby, Daniel

The Dayton Dutch Lions U12 Boys Blue competed at the Haunted Classic with all games played at John Ankeney Soccer Complex.

The first game the Lions played against Knights FC in a competitive match to kick off the tournament. Offensively, the Lions had some great individual skill along the wings to were able to get a few crosses into the box and shots on goal. The Lions were able to get on the score sheet with a beautiful shot from Sean S. that he volleyed up and over the keeper to tie the game. Defensively, the Lions transition to defense was excellent and always had numbers behind the ball to challenge the opponent in ball possession. The Knights would eventually capitalize on a few mistakes from the Lions in the defensive half and found the goal ahead to secure their first victory.

The Lions faced off against MCFC in the second match of the tournament. Another even and competitive match-up between two teams searching for a victory in an exciting game that ended in a draw. Offensively, the Lions pushed forward to break the deadlock and saw the best opportunity created by Wyatt as he dribbled past the defense and sent a shot that went inches wide of the far post. Defensively, the Lions were organized and defended well as a team to tally their first shutout of the tournament.

The final game featured the Lions vs. Anthony Wayne and a must win for both teams in order to make the finals.  Offensively, the Lions played quickly to find the wingers but had difficulties getting in behind the physical defensive line. The offense was highlighted in the second half by an excellent individual skill by Asher as he dribbled past the defenders on the touch line and sent a cross into the box to the Lions striker that just missed a shot over the crossbar. Defensively, the Lions put in a valiant effort to contain the speed and strength of the attack but would eventually give up the go ahead goal from a cross and brilliant header from the attacker.

Coach Shane was quoted after the tournament, “I was very happy with the competition we faced this weekend and those make for exciting games against evenly matched teams. I was proud of the boys performance this tournament and I believe they showed the potential that they have as a team. I am glad they team was able to experience another great tournament and I’m looking forward have a strong finish for our final 3 league games.


Team: U13 Boys
Record: 2-1-1 (Finalists)
Players: Braxton, Holden, R.J, Max, Connor C., Keaton, Josiah, Aaron, Noah, Ryan R., Dominic, Ryan C., Connor B., J.R. George

During the tournament, the U13 Boys team faced opposition from the TUMFC B04 White, CUSA Crew SC B04 Black and Classic Eagles White 04.

The U13 Boys started the tournament playing against TUMFC B04 White. It was a well-played game by the Lions, where the Lions dominated the game. The boys were very focused and showed a good organization on the field. Both lions goals were scored by Ryan C. after a quick transition.

In the 2nd game of the tournament, the boys faced off against CUSA Crew SC B04 Black in a very enthusiastic game.

The boys started the game very motivated after the early win and another victory would put the lions in the final. It was a very close game with chances to score for both teams. The Cusa team started the game with a lot of space to play at the midfield, but the lions were able to correct that by closing down the spaces and pressuring the ball carrier. At the half time, the score was 1-0 for the lions with a goal scored by Noah. The 2nd half started with an early goal scored again by Noah but 1 minute after, the opponent reduced the score for 2-1. With 4 minutes to the final whistle, after a PK saved by Connor C., the opponent scored the equalizer goal on a corner kick.

On the 2nd day, with 1 win and 1 tie, 4 goals scored, 1 clean sheet and 2 goals conceded, the Lions were still hoping for the finals and faced the Classic Eagles White 04. The Classics Eagles demonstrated to be a very strong and balanced team in a game with a great collective performance with all the players involved both in attack and on defense. With 0-0 at the half time, the lions started the 2nd half with a great attitude and willing to score a goal that put the team at the Final. After missing several chances to score, Noah finally scored the goal that the lions were chasing for to put the team at the Finals.

For the final, the lions faced of again the CUSA Crew SC B04 Black and where motivated and confident for the game.

As it had already happened the day before when both teams faced of each other, it was a very close and excited game with both teams fighting for the win. At the half time, the score was 1-0, with the lions down on the scoreboard. Connor C. scored the equalizer goal for the lions and with 40 seconds for the final whistle, the opponent scored the winning goal, again on a corner kick. The Lions still tried to equalize the game but weren’t able to score, ending the game with a 2-1 L for the Lions in a great Tournament performance.

Coach Paulo said after the game “The boys played very well this weekend. They were very solid as a team and put a lot of effort in every game we played. We had good ball possession with great moments of soccer, good passes/combinations and a lot of opportunities to score; as well as great defensive moments, including goalkeeper saves. I believe this group has a lot of potential and this 2nd place makes them feel even more motivated to work hard and improve individually and as a team”.


Team: U14 Girls
Record: 0-2-1
Players: Erin; Ilana; Hannah; Nicole; Audrey; Alexis; Maddie; Alicia; Emma; Ashley; Milan; Kira; Brooke; Camlyn; Kaitlyn

This past weekend, the U14 girls’ team played the BSA Haunted Classic. During the tournament they faced opposition from Ohio Fusion, Soccer Vision Academy and BWSA Heroes FC.

Saturday’s first game was against the BWSA Heroes FC, a close game, with two teams fighting for the win in the opening game until the last minute. The Dutch Lions ladies had more ball possession, better passing game, and the best chances to score. Unfortunately, the young girls couldn’t find the back of the net, which dictated a 1-1 draw at the end.

The second game was against Ohio Fusion. The Dutch Lions team had nice start finding their combinations, moving the ball well on the ground with a good collective dynamic. They were able to control the match during that period of time creating a couple of chances to open the score. After that period of more ascendant and against the current of the match the Lions team committed a couple of mistakes that ended up in goals, which turned out being determinant for the remainder of the game. During the second half, the young ladies were not able to find themselves again and impose their ideas on the pitch.

On Sunday, the team played against Soccer Vision Academy, a team with a high level of aggressiveness and speed, which combined with an intense pressure over the ball carrier and limited our space and time on the ball. However, the girls had a tremendous attitude and they never gave up and held as much as they could of the initiatives from the opposing team. It was nice to see that even under pressure they were able to keep their identity with the correct intentions to play.

After the tournament, Coach Bruno had the following statement, “Playing tournaments is always a good opportunity to improve and work on certain kind of things since we have more games in a short period of time. About this specific tournament I think we faced three completely different opponents, each one of them with different style of soccer and we needed to understand that and adjust our behaviors with and without the ball because each game is a different story. I think that we played a better soccer than our opponents during the first and second game and should come out with different results. During the last one on Sunday, we struggled to keep up with the aggressiveness, sometimes excessive. But after all, it was another moment/opportunity to learn and the girls showed a tremendous character, very good attitude, which make me be confident and optimist for the remainder of the season”


Team: U15 Boys Blue
Record: 2-1-0
Players: Caleb, Dimitar, Owen R, Jason, Dominic C, Ethan, Dominic M, Zane, Nikolas, Justin, TJ, Tyler, Mick, Enrico

The Dayton Dutch Lions U15 Boys Blue competed at the Haunted Classic with all games played at John Ankeney Soccer Complex.

The Lions faced off against CUSA Crew in the first game and secured their first of the tournament with a 4-1 score line. Offensively, the Lions created many chances through the run of play with quick combination play and precise through ball between the defensive lines. TJ led the offense with a beautiful volley just inside the 18 yd box and scored the second off a following up a shot off the crossbar with a low shot past the keeper. Defensively, the Lions maintained a solid defensive organization and limited the offensive production from their opponent.

The second featured the a re-match versus Springfield Thunder who the Lions played against the previous weekend. Offensively, the Lions continued the pressure the defensive line with effective runs from the wingers and high pressing outside backs. The Lions opened the scoring with a strong run and cross from Zane that found the onrushing header from the winger that found the back of the net. Julian would also tally a few goals to his name with a fantastic work ethic and clinical finishing in front of goal. Defensively, the Lions were strong in their tackles and covered their teammates throughout the field.

For the 3rd game of the tournament, the Lions needed a win to secure a place in the finals. Offensively, the Lions had difficulties maintaining possession of the ball due to the strength and speed of the opponent. The Lions found some success up the wings but could not find the go-ahead goal to put them on the board. Defensively, the Lions had a busy task dealing with the athleticism of the opponent’s attack. The opponent settled on a few first half goals and handed the Lions their first loss of the tournament and would eventually go on the win the championship.

Coach Shane had this to say after the tournament, “Another quality tournament performance from the U15 boys blue. The team continues to improve each week and I am very happy with the progression we have made this season. Two wins in a tournament weekend is great accomplishment so the boys should be proud of themselves. Our focus now is to have strong finish in the Buckeye Premier for our final two games.
Team: U15 Boys Orange
Record: 1-1-1
Players: Luke, Collin, Simon, Evan B., Triston, Owen, Aaron, Dominic, Robbie, John, Tommy, Noah, Nick B., Teddy, Nick and Evan

After winning their division last year the U15 Boys Orange participated in the Haunted Classic again this past weekend, playing two divisions higher then they did the previous year. A tough task at hand and three competitive, but different, games followed.

On Friday the boys faced a familiar opponent and battled the OCA team to a 1-1 tie. DDL took a few minutes to adapt to the surface and during that time GK Collin was forced to make a couple of very good saves that kept the 0-0 on the board. As the half went on the lions started to feel more confortable and where able to create a few opportunities and finished the 1st half on the upper hand and with a beautiful goal from guest player Evan after some hard work and great pressure from Nick B. During the 2nd half the momentum kept shifting with opportunities both ways and the lions ended up conceding a goal putting the 1-1 end score on the board.

On Saturday, the lions played the weakest team in the group and put together a solid performance and registered a 4-0 win. Goals where scored by Simon (2), Nick B and Evan (guest player). This result put the team in first place in the group knowing that a win the next day would qualify the team for the final.

With the winner of the Sunday game moving on to the final the young Lions knew what was at stake and fought hard to achieve the goal but, unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. After a very physical game the lions lost the 3rd game 2-1. A beautiful lions goal scored by Robbie with a strike from outside the box that flew in the top right corner.

Coach Sid said after the last game, “We all prefer winning and everyone hates losing but the main goal at this age is to play against competitive opposition and grow as individuals and as a team. This weekend was another step in that direction. On Friday, a positive performance where we had to adapt to the surface and play a little different then what we are used to and I think the boys reacted well and we maybe deserved a little more then the tie. On Saturday we showed what we are capable of with a good win and today we were forced to step away from our style of play as the opponent was extremely physical, a little to much at times if you ask me, but it is great for the boys to play games like this as being physical and aggressive is part of the game as well. I would love to see us play them again in a year or two from now and I am sure the outcome will be different.”

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