U17 & U15 Boys Open Indoor Season – Game Reports

Age/Gender: U15 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall | Mason
Result: 6-0 L
Players: Simon; Noah; Evan; Nick; Teddy; Matthew; Triston; Tommy; Robbie; Collin; Luke; John; Aaron; Owen; Jeb
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Owen M.

Defensively the Dutch Lions boys team had a decent performance closing the spaces and recovering their positions on the field with quick defensive transitions, however, due to a lack of communication and organization to keep the defensive line connected too many spaces were created between the defense and midfield and the opposing team used that to create danger by overloading those areas.
Offensively the young lads had a positive performance, especially during the second period of the match. They showed the right intention to play and during that period have created some situations to score mostly after counter attack situations taking advantage of a momentary lack of organization on the opponent defense line. Was also very positive to see the boys trying to build up from the back with confidence, however, the dynamic and the movement around the ball carrier needs to be more effective and consistent to create more options and consequently play quickly avoiding the pressure from the opponents.
After the game coach Bruno had the following statement “”I really like the boys commitment and the attitude here today, we knew previously that would be a tough challenge and that we will be facing good competition. Obviously, I think we could have done better especially without the ball, keeping our sectors together and using the offside moment wisely instead of dropping too much on the field creating too much space. Besides that, we need to be more aggressive into the individual duels. Offensively we need to increase the movement to provide more option to the ball carrier and be more confident with the ball, we can’t lose the ball immediately after recover the possession” continuing, “But overall I think was a positive performance, and this competition will help tremendously preparing us for the spring season.”
As the Hope Springs player of the match coach Bruno nominated Owen M. and said, ”besides his work ethic on defense Owen showed personality confidence and consistency throughout the match.”

Age/Gender: U17 Boys
Location: Wall2Wall | Mason
Result: 0-0 T
Players: Cameron; Kyle; Todd; Caleb; Aaron B.; Hunter; Cosenza; Jonathan H.; John; AJ; Richard; Gaven; Terry; Sam; Griffin; Mike; Dylan; Caden; Lucas
Hope Springs Player of the Game: Gaven

Defensively, the team had a very good performance, very organized during most of the match. The boys were able to close the spaces very well by keeping the lines together and compact. Besides the organization, the transition was also good with quick reactions after losing possession of the ball, either pressing the ball carrier or recovering the positions on the field. The only chances the opposing team created were after counter-attack situations because the team wasn’t quite defensively prepared/organized to lose the ball in those situations.
Offensively, the team showed a good chemistry, moving the ball around with great personality, especially in the first two-thirds of the field. Was also were very positive to see how the young men’s build-up from the back, multiple occasions always in support and with confidence. Overall the dynamic was good and a few good chances to open the score were created but we need to be more decisive and effective in the last third of the pitch, moving the ball quickly and with constant movement to create spaces and unbalance the opposing defensive organization.
After the game coach Bruno had the following statement “I really think we had a decent performance today against a good opponent. For the first game, I could not expect better, on the ball we show character and character trying to control the game from the beginning with more possession and good space occupation, however, we need to be able to think and play a little Faster in Last third of the field becoming less predictable, and be more decisive at the last moment to shoot at goal. Without the ball I really like the organization, we just have to make sure that even when we have the ball possession we have to be ready/prepared to lose it, to avoid situations of counterattack. “To conclude” It was a good start but harder challenges are coming along, and we need to fix the things we did not so well and solidify the things we did well. But I can see the “hunger” and desire to improve on every one, and that’s crucial for me as a coach”
As the Hope Springs player of the match coach Bruno nominated Gaven ”I’ve decided to nominate Gaven not just because of his solid performance in our midfield, being the player that have connected our game from the defense, but mainly for his attitude throughout the match, always available to help on defense and with constant support and feedbacks to his teammates.”

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