We want to remind everyone that the next Sports Performance session is this coming Tuesday, Sept. 5 at the Doc Stadium on the campus of West Carrollton High School.  The session will run from 6:30 to 7:30.

This fall, the Dayton Dutch Lions have introduced the Sports Performance Program to our Youth Academy teams directed by Dr. Priyesh Mehta, DO.

The encompassing goal of this program is to provide athletes with specific agility, endurance, and conditioning training to improve playing ability and maximize game performance, along with agility and speed development. The Sports Performance Program will incorporate FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program to help teach athletes how to stay healthy throughout the season.

Dr. Priyesh Mehta is the Medical Director for DOC Sports Medicine and has years of experience working in the sports medicine field. Prior to his new position with DOC Sports Medicine, Dr. Mehta served as the Team Physician for St. Johns University and St. Peters University working with Division 1 athletes in soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. He completed his residency training at Cornell University Medical College and was trained in Sports and Interventional Pain Medicine at the Hospital for Special Surgery, ranked #1 in the US for orthopedics and sports medicine. We are excited to have someone with such experience and knowledge run this program.

We are incredibly excited about this program. It will help make our athletes faster, more agile, better-coordinated and less injury prone. We want to thank Dr. Mehta and his staff for giving us this opportunity and we look forward to all the benefits that will come through our new Sports Performance Program.

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