Another full week of games for the Dayton Dutch Lions FC as the Fall season is nearing its end.  We had two Games of the Week, as the U10 Boys were showcased on Wednesday and the U14 Boys on Saturday. Both of these teams were able to come into the office for a video analysis session to learn from their matches.  See below for our ALT Architecture Team of the Week and the game reports




Game of the Week MVP – Kellen and Noah

Game of the Week Highlights Video




Age/Gender: U10 Boys
Location: DOC Grass Field | West Carrollton and Eagles Soccer Complex | Springfield
Players: Ronnie, Elliott, Oliver, Kellen, Kyle, Samir, Zaur, Jhoan and Ben
Match Result: 5-1 Loss and 6-1 Loss
Scoring: Elliott and Ben
ALT Player of the Match: Kellen and Oliver

The young Lions took to the field versus the league leading Springfield Thunder for back-to-back games. The first being the DDL FC Game of the Week and the second on the road. Both matches were very similar in that the Lions played some very good soccer at times and unfortunately at others times just seemed to switch off.

In the first match, the boys controlled the play in the early going with 4 scoring chances in the first 10 minutes. They lacked the final touch and could not get on the scoreboard. The Thunder were able to capitalize on their speed up front and scored several goals on long kick breakaways to take the lead. This led to the Lions trailing 4-0 a halftime.

In the second half, they played more aggressively and moved to the ball much better. This led to a nice goal as Kellen stole the ball at midfield and passed up to Samir. Samire made a nice pass to Elliott who was making a nice diagnol run.  Elliott beat two defenders with his dribble and finished with a hard low shot to the far post.

After the game, Coach Ric shared, “We started this match playing very well and if we could have finished a chance or two, I think we could have gotten a result. Instead, we waste our chances and they score a couple and we are chasing for the rest of the game. Though another loss on the scoreboard, I am proud of the soccer we attempted to play.”

The ALT Player of the Match selected by Coach Ric was Kellen. “Kellen has really started to come into his own and is having a lot of success playing outside back for us. He is attacking the ball, winning tackles and making nice passes out of the back. He is improving every week. Good to see.”

Just four days later, the Lions traveled to Springfield for the return match. The result was very similar. The Lions welcomed the Speers Family to the club as Ben played in his first DDL FC match. Coach Ric spoke about the match, “I like the effort and attitude of our players, but we are lacking the DRIVE to play for the entire match. I know these guys are young and are just learning the game, but we need to have a greater hunger to compete and fight for the ball consistently. Once we put 50 minutes of our best effort on the pitch, we will be very pleased with the result.”

“This game was just like the first ~ we did some good things, some very good things and also some not-so-good things. I love that our boys are improving and applying what we are training. I just would like to see them be more consistent during the matches.”

“We welcome Ben and family to the club. He had a good first outing for us, scoring in the second half and working very hard. He will add value to our team and I look forward to working with him.”

The ALT Player of the Match selected by Coach Ric was Oliver. “Oliver made his presence felt throughout the match. He was strong on ball, made excellent passes and really was talking on the pitch. He was a real bright spot for us in this match. Good job, Oli.”

Age/Gender: U13G
Location: DOC Stadium
Players: Ava B, Lauren, Sara, Alyvia, Marayna, Hope, Shiloh, Mia, Ava P, Rachel, Laura, Kayden, Nicole & Adler
Result: 0-1 L
ALT Player of the Match: Hope

Defensively, the Lions did well to remain compact. In the first half, the Lions controlled possession which limited the opposition’s offensive opportunities. Sara made some big saves for the Lions to keep it scoreless going into halftime. In the second half, the Lions continued to win tackles and apply solid team pressure but were unfortunate to concede a goal off a free kick late in the game.

Offensively, the Lions had chances of their own and were unlucky to come away with a goal. Success for the Lions was found by switching the point of attack and playing penetrating passes in behind the backline. The Lions were extremely dangerous the last 10 minutes of the game and really put some pressure on the opposition’s backline.

After the game coach Bradley stated: “Told the girls today that I think our first touch let us down. When we were able to get the ball under control quickly, we found great success. However, our first touch wasn’t consistently good enough to allow us to play the way we like to. Looking forward to trainings the next two weeks in preparation for the Haunted Classic.”

The ALT Player of the Match was Hope. Bradley said of her performance, “Hope was a key player in several of our most dangerous attacks. Her skill and vision always provide opportunities for herself and the team. She was unlucky to get a goal today but I enjoyed seeing her in a more attacking role. I think she will be very good for us up front.”

Age/Gender: U13 Boys
Location: Botkins Park | Botkins
Players: Daniel; Christian; Tyler; Zane; Asher; Kon; Joseph; Tyson; Akol; Andrew; Levi
Result: 7-4 Loss
Goal(s): Kon (3); Akol
ALT Player of the Match: Kon

On Sunday October 8th the Dayton Dutch Lions U13 Boys team played their seventh game of the season Botkins against the local team. A good challenge and an exciting match with a lot of goals.

Defensively the team started the game well, with good organization playing compact with moments of good pressure to recover the ball, especially during the first half. However, during the second period of the game the boys have struggled to keep the same organization and intensity, allowing too much space for the counter attacks, from where majority of the opponents goals arose. Besides that, the team have conceded goals in crucial moments of the match, right after scoring, which always affect the confidence of the team / players, and makes it tough to react.
If defensively the team had a better performance during the first 35 minutes, offensively it was the exactly opposite, in the first half the boys was able to keep the ball but with a low pace and not aggressive enough to capitalize some of the chances they have created. During the second period of the match, the team brought out a good dynamic and intensity scoring 3 goals, besides those goals a few more chances were created but the team couldn’t capitalize them, due a lack of accuracy and effectiveness in that last moment.
After the game coach Bruno had the following to say “This game was a little strange, during the first half we had a good performance on defense, well organized reducing the spaces, with all the players involved, which have limited the opponents attempts to long balls, however we couldn’t create many goal opportunities. After the break was the opposite, we were very dynamic offensively but we couldn’t keep the organization and balance on defense and the opposing team took advantage of it. Besides that we need to be more pragmatic, we can’t concede goals right after scoring, that affects tremendously the confidence of the team and changes the momentum of the game.”
As ALT player of the match Bruno selected Kon and said, ”I think today we had a couple of players who played well and worked really hard, however Kon, besides the 3 goals and one assist, was the player that have kept the same intensity from the beginning to the end, with good moments on the ball and helpful on the defensive process recovering numerous balls.”

Age/Gender: U14 Boys
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Players: Braxton; Keaton; Aaron; Noah; Holden; R.J.; Alex; Deng; Connor C.; Gabe; J.R.; Connor B.; Dominic; Evan
Result: 1-1 T
Goal: Noah
ALT Player of the Match: Noah

As we start approach towards the end of the fall season, the U14 Boys team had a doubleheader on Saturday, at the DOC stadium. For the first match in the morning the team came out with a different formation than usual, with a 3:5:2 instead of the 4:3:3 that they normally present.
Defensively the Dutch Lions team had a very solid performance, they were able to keep a good organization for the majority of the time, keeping the opposing team far way from the finishing areas. On the basis of that performance we need to highlight three important factors, the space occupation, the ethical work and the quick reaction after losing the ball possession, these three things combined have limited their chances to create danger, or even connect their passing game. However in one of the few shots the Lions team had against, the opposing team found the back of the net, mostly due a lack of focus and aggressiveness to attack the ball.
Offensively was possible to see moments of very good soccer. The boys were able to move the ball well on the ground and play quickly with short combinations and constant movement. Besides the goal scored many other chances were created, unfortunately a lack of a accuracy in that last moment ended up being determinant at the end. However, the way the young boys build up their game and have created their chances needs to be emphasized, they looked confident and comfortable on the ball.
After the game coach Bruno had the following statement “I’m really proud of your performance this morning, the boys need to be complimented for their game. I think we moved the ball really well, not only building up from the back but also keeping the ball possession in the opponents half of the pitch, that was possible due to a good dynamic, and constant movement off the ball to create multi passing options, and this way being able to alternate the short combinations with through balls.” Continuing, “our only mistake, if we can call it a mistake, was, not being able to capitalize the numerous chances we have created, and that ended up being determinant. However I’m really happy for this group of boys and the way they have played, with confidence and character.”
As ALT player of the match Bruno selected Noah and said ”I’ve decided to nominate Noah as ALT player of the match for the quality was able to implement on our midfield, he was the main link of connection between the sectors, keeping the team together, and at the same time available to move up being active on the last third of the field.”

Age/Gender: U14 Boys
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Players: Braxton; Keaton; Aaron; Noah; Holden; R.J.; Alex; Deng; Connor C.; Gabe; J.R.; Connor B.; Dominic; Evan
Result: 4-0 L
ALT Player of the Match: Evan

On the second match of the day, the Dayton Dutch Lions U14 Boys team faced the leader of the league, on a nice game, with two teams trying to play a positive soccer. The Lions team came back to their usual 4:3:3 formation, with a defensive line of 4 players and wingers wide open.
Defensively the Dutch Lions team had two different halves, during the first period of the game with high levels of focus and great organization they were able to control the opponents attempts. However during the second half the team was not able to maintain the same organization and the pressure on the ball was less intense, which gave the opponents more time and space to build up their game.
On the ball the young boys had also two distinguish periods. During the first they have controlled the ball and build up their passing game with confidence, the dynamic off the ball was very good, with constant movement, they boys were able to impose their game on the attacking half, and create chances to score. During the second half the team struggled to keep the same pace on the game, mostly due to a more intense and more aggressive pressure on the ball from the opposing team, which reduced significantly the time to think and have conditioned the decision-making.
After the game coach Bruno had the following to say ” I’m very pleased with our first half, the boys were terrific during that period of time. The organization without the ball was great. The transitions were quick and the space occupation very good. On the ball we were able to build up, keep possession in the attacking half and create chances. However we didn’t take advantage of that period and during the second half we couldn’t have the same consistency, which combined with a few mistakes, ended up being crucial at the end. But the result didn’t take away what we did well during the first 35 minutes and for that I’m really happy, especially for this great group of boys, that have been working hard since the beginning of the season.”
As ALT player of the match Bruno selected Evan and said ”Evan was terrific during the entire match, very focused and determined on defense, with a great work ethic, he was tough to beat on his one on one duels, and at the same time available to cover the other defenders when needed due his intensity and aggressiveness. On the ball he was also available to be part of the process providing constant options in support.”


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