This was our final week of league play and the U13 Boys were in the Warrior Fall Classic. We finished giving a very good representation of Dayton Dutch Lions soccer.  We are very pleased with the progress we are seeing both individually and for each team.  Please see below our ALT Architecture Team of the Week and each of the game reports.






Game of the Week MVP – Josiah

Game of the Week Highlights Video





Age/Gender: U10 Boys

Location: Old River | Dayton
Players: Oliver, Kyle, Samir, Zaur, Jhoan and Ben
Match Result: 8-2 Loss
Scoring: Oliver (2)
ALT Player of the Match: Zaur

The young Lions had quite the challenge for them as they were shorthanded, without a regular goalkeeper and the weather was nasty.  In addition, the opponent had given the Lions a bruising in the first game played between the two teams.  At the end of the match, the Lions had presented themselves wonderfully having given 100% for the entire match, playing possession soccer, while talking moving and supporting.  It was a pleassure to have seen their effort and to watch how well they worked as a team.


After the game, Coach Ric shared, “I am so proud to be the coach of these young boys.  They played so hard and stuck to what they have been trained for the entire match.  We had so many chances to score that we wasted in the first half, so it was nice to see us get a couple in the second half.  Each of these boys gave an all-out effort.”

The ALT Player of the Match selected by Coach Ric was Zaur, “Zaur stepped up for us and got in goal even though he had just one goalie session very early in the year.  He was excited to take on this task and truly improved every ten minutes.  In the second half, he made a handful of solid saves and took several scoring chances away.  I am so happy for him and how he performed.  Congratulations Zaur !”

Age/Gender: U13 Boys
Location: Warrior Fall Classic | Huber Heights
Players: Andrew, Daniel, Christian, Tyler, Joseph, Asher, Kon, Tyson, Zane, Akol and Levi (Guest Players Paul, Aiden, Deaton & David)
Results:  Game One 7 – 1 Win    Game Two  2 – 1 Loss   Game Three  1 – 1 Draw
ALT Player of the Match: Game One – Andrew   Game Two – Daniel  Game Three – Akol

The U13 Boys had a good showing in the Warriors Fall Classic going 1-1-1 for the weekend.  They went into the final match with a solid chance to get to the final, but fell just short.

In game one, Andrew took control of the defensive end of the field from the opening moment and never stopped.  His play, his directions and his focus were excellent.  It was his best performance this year in goal.  He moved forward and took away a good 30 yards of attacking space from the opponents.  He guided the back four of Daniel, Deaton, Christian and Tyler into proper spacing and marking.  The lone goal was on a well placed direct kick.

On the offensive end, the Lions scored early and often.  They utilized the guests players up top for most of the match and they delivered  with Paul getting four goals off the wing and the other three adding to the scoring column with a goal apiece.

Coach Ric shared, “This was a great way to start the tournament.  We jumped on them early and gave them no chance to get back in the game.  Our ALT Player of the Match was Andrew.  He was excellent in goal and really did everything right.”

Game two was a bit of a let down as the Lions struggled to win any 50/50 balls and seemed to be just a step behind on every play. We trailed 2-0, but Akol got one back for us off a nice corner kick from Asher.  Unfortunately, we could not muster any more offense and lost 2-1.

Coach Ric selected Daniel as the ALT Player of the Match.  “Daniel played very well, shutting down the right side of the pitch.  His spacing was solid and he pushed up supporting the attack.  He was one of the few players who was winning balls for us.”

We entered game three needing a 2-0 win to advance to the final.  The Lions came ready to play showing their best soccer of the tournament in the first half of this match.  Hustling to the ball, smart passes and plenty of talk, movement and support.  Koen scored off a nice square pass from Akol and at halftime were halfway to the final with a 1-0 lead.

As the Lions pushed to get the second goal, it left them open for the counter attack.  Andrew and the defense were doing a good job, but at the 60th minute mark, the opponents scored on a breakaway and took all the momentum of the match away.  The Lions did not quit, but could not get any offense going and bowed out of the tournament.

The ALT Player of the Match was Akol. “He stayed very active up top and gave their defense some issues.  He had a wonderful assist to Kon and really created some opportunities late in the game.”

After the tournament, Coach Ric shared, “I am a bit disappointed because we could have won all three of our matches if one or two plays went our way, but at the same time I liked what our boys did ~ playing possession soccer and trying to control each match.  They really tried to apply our training to the game situation and that is what we are looking for.”

Age/Gender: U14 Boys
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Players: Braxton; Keaton; Aaron; Noah; Holden; R.J.; Alex; Deng; Connor C.; Gabe; J.R.; Connor B.; Dominic; Evan; Josiah; Ryan; Max
Result: 4-0 L
ALT Player of the Match: Braxton

On Saturday October 14th, the Dayton Dutch Lions U14 Boys team played their last league game of the season, a good challenge, with two teams fighting for the result since the beginning with two completely different game approaches.

Defensively the Lions had a positive and solid performance in terms of organization. During the first half the space occupation was near to perfect, with all the players involved in the process keeping the lines together. The reaction after losing the ball was also good, with the players pressing the opponent immediately, which have limited their game during the first 35 minutes. During the second half the young men’s couldn’t keep the same intensity and level of aggressiveness, which combined with a couple of individual mistakes dictated the score at the end.

On the ball the team was able to impose their game during the first half, with a great dynamic. The boys were able to find the right options to build up their game from the back, using the midfielders as support and the wingers to unbalance the opponent defensive line. The outside backs were also very active with runs off the ball, and supporting the attacking situations. Within that period of time some good chances were created but unfortunately the team could find the back of the net. During the second half the team lost their identity, with low intensity and less confidence to move the ball.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say “I really enjoyed the first half, it was probably the best soccer we played this season in terms of ball possession and space occupation, everything we worked on last week came back during the game, especially the space occupation, with the wingers wide open and the outside backs more participant in the process. I also liked the dynamic in the midfield, where the players took control of the operations, and have moved the ball really well with confidence. However during the second half we couldn’t keep the same intensity, in part due to a more intense pressure from the opposing team, but also due a lack of movement and aggressiveness. However, I’m pleased for what we have done here today, especially in terms of players development in comparison with the beginning of the season.”

As ALT player of the match Bruno selected Braxton and said “Braxton had a really nice performance today, he showed good positioning, playing close to his defensive line, which allowed him to come off the line whenever was necessary with aggressiveness and solve the problems. And also very focused on the one on one situations denying the goal a few times in the beginning of the second half, keeping the team in the game.”

Age/Gender: U15 Boys
Location: DOC Stadium | West Carrollton
Players: Collin; Owen; Gradey; Braxton; Keaton; Aaron; Noah; Holden; R.J.; Alex; Deng; Connor C.; Gabe; Connor B.; Dominic; Josiah; Max
Result: 5-1 L
Goal(s): Collin
ALT Player of the Match: Josiah

After a weekend without games the Dayton Dutch Lions U15 Boys team was back in action for their last game of the season. It was a nice match with several moments of good and positive soccer.

Defensively the team had moments of great composure, playing compact closing the spaces inside reducing this way the opposing team options to connect their game. It was also really nice to see the team pressuring higher on the pitch, being aggressive to recover the ball quickly after losing possession. However the young lads couldn’t keep that consistency the entire match and the opponent ended up taking advantage of that to score.

Offensively the young Lions team had a very positive performance. In terms of organization they were able to utilize the space wisely taking advantage of the winger position to create space and at the same time moving the ball on the ground with character and confidence. The midfielders were very important in this process, providing support constantly, which allowed the outside backs to joined the attack a few times. Some good chances to score were created but once again the team couldn’t capitalize them in goals.

After the game coach Bruno had the following to say, “This game is kind of an image of the entire season, I really liked what we did with the ball. We were able to build up from the back with confidence, and for the majority of the times, finding the right options to connect our passing game. However we didn’t take advantage of the chances we’ve created and in soccer if you don’t score when you have the chances, you put yourself in a delicate position. I also enjoyed the way we switched the field sides, looking for the outside spaces as an important alternative.” To conclude, “now is time to reflect about the season and elaborate a plan to help the team and every player to improve as a group and also individually.”

As ALT player of the match Bruno selected Josiah and said, “Today Josiah was important for us in the midfield, he has able to keep the team connected due his positioning and at the same time an important piece of the offensive process with his ability to carry the ball and launch the counter-attacks.”


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